Selacia Council of 12 Message for June 2008: Part I - What is Changing

Right now, you are in the midst of a revolution in human consciousness. This involves such significant changes in how people live and view life that you don't yet have language for it.

You are having some previews of coming attractions in those fleeting moments when you realize you know something there's "no way" you could have known.

It happens when you lose track of time, and when you discover that some projects typically taking you an entire day are accomplished within a single hour. It occurs when you meet people for the first time and feel strangely comfortable with them, as though you had known them forever. It happens when you contemplate a troublesome issue before dreamtime, inviting a Divine resolution, and you awaken with fresh new insights that can help you turn things around.

It occurs when you go beyond reason and discern a truth with your heart and intuitive knowing. It takes place in the moments when you let go and simply allow yourself to see what was there all along.

Seeing What Was There All Along

What you find may astonish you! An example is your sensing the presence of a benevolent nonphysical spirit guide. This guide may have been around you for your entire life, yet perhaps now is the first time you have had the readiness and willingness to recognize its presence.

Another example involves times when you are able to suddenly connect the dots involving a puzzle of pain you've been trying to heal for years. You may have had realizations about your issue many other times, yet none of them led you out of the maze that kept you hopelessly stuck.

This time, though, you really get what the root of your problem is. A "flash" of insight and Divine grace, coming seemingly out of nowhere, helps you to illuminate the root of your pain, fully understand the connecting pieces with the "big view" spirit has, and then take actions leading to a final resolution.

As you grow in awareness, the truth which was there all along comes to the surface and it becomes easier for you to recognize it as truth. This is happening, on a more conscious level, for light workers who are questioning what they were taught, questioning the media, and sincerely desiring to know what is real. Indeed, the more that you can recognize truth, the more quickly you can advance up and out of the dark rabbit hole of human ignorance.

Reversing the Long Sleep of Human Ignorance

During this time of change, people from all walks of life are beginning to awaken from a very long sleep. On some days, it may not feel like it, yet this is what is occurring. The planet's evolution into a higher consciousness is indeed underway, and this movement will proceed even if the majority of people are not "ready" for the shift.

This last point is something to remember on those days when you feel concern for the plight of fear-based masses of people in all corners of the world. On those days, you may question whether there is "time" and whether the majority of people really care about anything beyond mundane concerns.

When you are feeling like that, rather than dwell on the negative, focus your energies in positive ways that can help yourself and others. Regardless of what others are doing, decide that you will be ready for the next stages of the shift. Remember, also, that upward spirals of growth can occur very slowly or seemingly in a "flash" of time. This applies to both individuals and the planet as a whole.

How quickly a person evolves is directly related to the level of willingness to change. There must be openness to seeing things differently, questioning one's own status quo, responding with radical new approaches, and fearlessly making different choices without a road map, While this approach may sound like an impossible feat to someone mired in a life crisis, even the ordinary person can succeed if there is enough self-love.

Self-love is the Key

Set your intention daily to develop even more self-love than you had yesterday. Decide that you will be willing to look closely at those patterns within you that prevent you from being unconditionally loving. When these patterns come into your awareness, be dedicated to rooting them out so that you can become free of them.

Approach your inner work with fearlessness, kindness and patience. During this process of transformation, set your intent to nurture yourself just like a loving mother would do with her young child.

It is not selfish to love yourself, and to create a lifestyle that allows you to transform and progress spiritually. In fact, you harm yourself and others when you neglect your own growth. Each time you choose thoughts and actions coming from love, you impact countless other sentient beings with a wave of uplifting energy!

Ascension is a natural process, unfolding for the planet and its life forms. If you are here in a body right now, you have unprecedented opportunities to advance as a soul, in part because of incarnating on Earth at this auspicious time. These opportunities begin to present themselves as soon as you have a sincere desire for positive change and take actions on that desire.

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