Selacia Council of 12 Message for Mar. 2007: A New Start

There is a new energy on planet Earth, and there is a quickening occurring.  The acceleration is impacting all living things, speeding up the timetable for humanity's paradigm shift.  For most people, there's a tendency to feel the quickening more in certain cycles and when involved in activities having particular personal meaning. 
Planetary Cycles of Energy—To the extent that you are sensitive to planetary alignments and transits of the moon, an eclipse or full moon can heighten your emotional state.  When angry, for example, you may feel even more intense anger or even rage.  On the other hand, if you are feeling optimistic about something in your life, the optimism may be magnified.  In general, the time of the full moon is an opportunity to connect with potency, expansion and more intense feelings.  The full moon energy, which you can experience each month, is helpful in generating very powerful meditative experiences, intuitive insights, and a more tangible awareness of spirit in your life.  If you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads related to some personal dilemma – or perhaps even to your entire life direction – the full moons of these unprecedented times can be a catalyst for creating the new start you have been seeking. 

The more prepared you are to weather change and intense cycles, the smoother your ride will be.  Go gently with yourself and others, remembering that everyone gets angry sometimes.  Don't judge the anger or the person having the anger.  Simply develop more skillful means of working with the anger.  If your temper continues to get you into hot water and you are burning your feet, it's a sign that more tempering is needed.  As you do your inner work and meditation, invite spirit to teach you how to further develop beneficial qualities such as patience and tolerance.  The more patient and tolerant you can learn to be, the more quickly your anger and other destructive emotions will dissipate.  A helpful question to ask regularly is this:  "How can I transmute my anger and exchange it for more positive energies, creating no harm to self or others?" 
Activities of Meaning to You—It's normal, also, to feel the acceleration of energy more when you're involved with an activity you associate with a strong personal meaning, such as a business deal you want to succeed.   Even five years ago, if you had been involved in a similar business deal, you may have had a different response than you would today.  Why?  For one, the stakes may seem to be higher.  If your business deal involves a cherished dream you have long worked to make manifest, delays or setbacks now could evoke feelings of disillusionment or disempowerment.  The delays or setbacks aren't a reflection of your true power or potential, of course, but when you see them through the lens of magnification present during these times, you can feel as though you don't have what it takes to succeed.  Another factor influencing your more intense feeling responses is the additional awareness you have now.  Increased awareness can show you more of the beautiful as well as more of the ugly.  Some of the personal issues you face today were still under wraps in your earlier development.  Since you didn't know you had these issues back then, and today with increased awareness you now see them, it can feel overwhelming to be facing these things in addition to what you already acknowledged.  To put it in perspective, though, unfinished business is unfinished business.  If you had an unresolved issue within you from the past and it's just now getting your attention, chalk it up to Divine timing.  It was there before.  Now is simply the time to confront the issue.  Have gratitude that this issue wasn't crowding your plate earlier at a time when you had plenty of other things to handle. 

To be sure, a lot has happened within you and around you during these past five years.  Much of the change is very subtle, hidden from ordinary view.  Humanity is being propelled into a faster dance of awakening than at any time in recorded history.  The momentum has now built into a kind of snowball effect, and the energy of this snowball can stir unconscious fears about change and the future.  You may be questioning, deep within yourself, whether you will be OK.  When this is your mindset, even simple choices can feel troublesome.  There can be a fear of taking any action at all, because of a worry about consequences. 
Using the New Energies to Create Powerfully
How can you use the current energies to create in new, more empowered ways?  First and foremost, be willing to change your view.  Only when you can shift how you respond to life's circumstances are you in a position to change how they impact you.  Remember that you are in charge of your own creation, just as other people around you are responsible for what they create.  You do have a choice, and you do make choices, even when you convince yourself that you are doing nothing.

A willingness to look at your current challenges with new eyes must come from within you.  How you see a dilemma, and what you make it mean, will influence your choices of how to respond.  Invite your intuitively guided reason to help you get in touch with your inner dialogue. Ask for this help regularly, and then pay attention to what shows up.  Begin to notice the negative, limiting self-talk.  This can be things you say to yourself as well as things you say to other people.  Pay attention to what you say repeatedly, especially when worried about something or when focusing on your cherished dreams.  Notice what you say silently or out loud when you contemplate the future or consider what happened in the past.  How much of your language is negative?  What are the words you use? 
Mantras of Limitation
Without judgment, be open to discovering the powerful mantras of limitation that exist within your own DNA.  They are simply words, phrased as belief systems, and yet they are holding you back. Examples universal to most people include those involving lack, doubting the self, and expecting bad things to happen.  A specific belief might be worded like this:  "Every time I succeed at something, failure follows."   Another commonly-held belief may be worded like this:  "I never have enough." 

Limiting beliefs such as these are not a part of your Divine essence.  Your Divine nature knows no limitations.  This eternal part of you expresses through a language of Light.  When you feel conflicted and out of sync with yourself and your world, you are unknowingly accessing a language of limitation.  The roots of this are found in the negative belief systems recorded in your DNA.  These belief systems can be changed right at their source, shifting your mantras of limitation into mantras of empowerment.
Getting Up to Date
The next way to create more powerfully in these times is to develop the habit of getting up to date.  What's meant by this? 

Start with you.  You are not up to date when you constantly focus on what happened before, either romanticizing past events or complaining about how past events caused you suffering.  Even the "past you" of five years ago is not "today's you."  You may look the same in the mirror, yet you are not the same energetically.  You really are energy, after all, and it is your energy that propels you forward.  Your body simply goes along for the ride!  Subtle shifting is happening within you all the time, quite often in such small increments that it can escape the untrained eye.  World events affect this shifting, as do your own personal life happenstance. 
A Key Life Lesson—You learn experientially, and quite often you reach a peak of understanding a key life lesson before your everyday consciousness gets the message.  In other words, you could be complete with an issue and not even recognize it.  You may be so habitually conditioned to having the issue, when it does come to your attention that you can let it go and move on, you resist.  You are not up to date, and therefore not ready to be free of the issue. 
Romantic Love—Another way of getting up to date with self involves rethinking romantic relationships.  This applies whether you are now in such a relationship or wanting to meet someone new.  Being current in this area means letting go of romantic fantasies about what your love life could have looked like in the past.  That includes letting go of the blame for what went wrong.  Holding on to blame of any sort, whether directed at self or others, is a poison preventing you from being up to date and from powerfully creating new types of fulfilling relationships. 

Just as important is letting go of limiting thinking about what's possible for you romantically in the future, and rigid expectations of what love should look like when it shows up in present time.  You were conditioned in your early years by views of your family and of society as a whole.  This early conditioning was a silent teacher of archaic thinking.  The person you are today is awakening to a brand new way of relating, romantically and otherwise.  When you are truthful with yourself, you know that you cannot be satisfied with old paradigm approaches to love relationships. 
In tandem with getting up to date with you, consider updating how you relate to other people, and to things in your life such as your work and your relationship with spirit. One example of other people is a best friend. You and your friend are each experiencing your own constant cycles of change. Inquire within yourself regularly to discover what, if any, updates are needed to keep the friendship growing and blossoming. If things have gotten out of balance, consider how to remedy the situation in a way that is honoring to each of you.
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.
Copyright 2007 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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