Selacia Council of 12 Message for Mar. 2008: Part I - Creating the New

The form of how humans live, work and love is changing. You and others like you are changing it, step-by-step as you make new choices about how you want to exist on your planet. Old outmoded ways of being are shaky and crumbling, for today's energies will no longer support them.

Some of the changes you are likely welcoming, just as you would a sunny day after a long winter. You may feel that you have waited your whole life for the great shifting that is now underway. Perhaps you often wish the changes would come more quickly and with less disruption. You are not alone in these responses, for your comrades on the path of spiritual awakening also feel these things.

You now know that time-in human linear terms-has been speeded up, and with that accelerated pace, it is understandable that you often feel "behind schedule." When you feel "behind," it is helpful to remember there is a bigger picture than you can see with your human physical eyes.

There is a momentum building, fueled by an awakening process that began before you were born. You and other humans like you have been evolving in consciousness over a period of lifetimes. Many people are beginning to wake up to the truth that they are really spiritual beings living in human bodies. There is a great hunger within people to know what this really means and how it applies in the life of an everyday human.

Questions on the Path of Awakening

Have you ever wondered why, if you are really Divine, you are unable to regularly access and express your spiritual gifts? Do you ever question why some people, seemingly no more spiritually advanced than you, are now succeeding in doing their soul's work in the world?

Feeling unsuccessful yourself, do you compare yourself to them, questioning whether you are doing something wrong? Have you had moments of feeling a victim of outside forces beyond your control? After receiving intuitive nudges about a "new direction" for your work or life path, have you ever allowed self-doubt to keep you in a holding pattern?

These are typical responses during these times of massive change. If you personally relate to any of them, realize that this is normal. Your conditioning, over a period of lifetimes, has led you into forgetfulness. You forgot that your essence is pure.

You learned to associate reality chiefly with your body and physicality. You forgot that your Earthly form was only a tiny portion of the "you" that really exists. You learned to view time in terms of your age and lifespan on Earth, forgetting that you as a spiritual being are eternal and without end.

As part of that, you developed a short-term view of spiritual progression. Instead of feeling gratitude for being birthed into life conditions allowing time for reflection and study, you became impatient and wanted things quickly. You forgot that your earlier progress on the path, achieved in past lives, provided the seed for the fortunate set of circumstances you enjoy this life.

A great majority of the world's current population was born into life focused at the survival level. For these people, pursuit of spiritual studies and personal growth is a luxury not available. You may sometimes think of yourself as just surviving, yet compared with most of humanity, you are very rich.

When you have a long-term view of your spiritual progression, you can develop gratitude for what you have manifested this life. Similarly, knowing that how you live your life this time has great impact on your next incarnations, you can be inspired to do your best even in challenging circumstances.

Nearly everyone can feel inspired some of the time. During tough times, however, accessing and maintaining a sense of inspiration can seem difficult or almost impossible. This is especially true if you forget that you alone can create the inspirational fuel needed for real progress. You can be inspired by forces seemingly outside yourself, yet it is up to you to put this inspiration into action in your life.

The learned tendency, however, is to give one's power of creation away to others. This learning has been perpetuated over so many human generations that people now tend to look to outside leaders and phenomena for inspiration. If something they want is not happening for them, they blame others. This approach has become the habitual way to be. People living this way have forgotten just how powerful they really are.

Things Humans Forgot

What else did you forget?

You forgot about how universal laws of energy work. These cosmic laws include the power of thought, the energy of creation. Without mastery of your thoughts-both conscious and subconscious-you cannot be fully enlightened. To the extent that you learn to master your thoughts, you begin to create with a beneficial force that accelerates your enlightenment process.

To be sure, this beneficial force also positively impacts your health, your relationships, your work, and a multitude of other things too numerous to count. The more that you can learn to master your own mind, the happier and healthier you can be.

A key element in the mastery of thought is emotional intelligence. This is because of the inseparable link between thoughts and emotions. If you have well-developed emotional skills, you will be better able to tame your mind, preventing negative self-talk from manifesting into actions that hurt self and others.

To become skilled with your emotions, you will first need to understand what you feel and what triggers those feelings. This not always an easy task, especially if you have become accustomed to burying or ignoring painful feelings.

Emotions, in themselves, are not negative but a natural part of being human. It is how you manage your emotions that counts. Everyone gets angry sometimes. It is what you do with your anger that will impact your spiritual progress and happiness. Besides anger, what are some of the other troublesome emotions?

Some of the key troublesome feeling states common to humankind:


The more out-of-control your responses to troublesome emotions, the less power you will have in your life. The key is balance and intelligent response. As you become skilled in working with your own feelings, you will also need to become adept in sensing and responding to the emotions of others. That includes your interactions with those who on the surface appear quite unemotional. Some of these people may even boast about having no emotions or emotional challenges, as though it were true.

Emotional intelligence involves becoming skilled in responding to your own and others' emotions. Remember that it is an illusion to think you are separate from other people. Even if it appears that you exist in your own bubble of energy, your bubble coexists and connects with the energetic bubbles of all life around you. Your own progression is directly linked to how these energies play out. Your power comes from remembering this and responding appropriately on a regular basis.

Common Misconceptions

Today you will hear of an increasing number of secrets of how energy and manifestation function. The law of attraction is one example. Even though these secrets have been around for a very long time, the masses were not ready to hear about them. There was not sufficient consciousness in the world to give these principles appropriate context.

Now these ideas are readily welcomed by growing numbers of people. Still, there is a learning curve in mastering a skillful application of these secrets.
For many, there is wonderment about how such simple concepts could be hidden for so long. Certainly, most truths about how things work are based on quite simple ideas.

It is a common misconception to think that applying a universal law is as simple as the principle behind it. Take the law of attraction. If all you needed to do was focus your attention on what you wanted to manifest-and you did that-how do you explain mixed results or even opposite results of what you intended? What is going on?

Example: Visualizing a Specific Life Partner

Imagine that you decide to work with the law of attraction to manifest a particular soul mate. You have a very specific person in mind, and you begin visualizing that this person is your committed life partner. As you do this, the following are some useful things to understand.

First, belief systems you carry in your DNA will impact your ability to manifest what you say you want. Since beliefs reside in the subconscious mind outside ordinary view, chances are that you hold at least some belief systems that run counter to what you are visualizing. You do not know this, or you would not put so much effort into visualizing before you cleared the beliefs from your DNA. Instead, you spend considerable time visualizing a specific person manifesting as your soul mate.

Simultaneously and without your awareness, you hold limiting beliefs about love and finding love. A majority of people on the planet carry these, so you are in good company. For all you know, the object of your soul mate fantasy carries some of the same limiting beliefs about love that you do. Two people coming together in intimate relationship are impacted by the belief systems each of them have. What you do not know now can lead to disappointment later.

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