Selacia Council of 12 Message for Nov. 2007: Part I - Updating YOU: Body, Mind & Spirit

Do you ever feel that there are so many things on your mundane "to do" list that you can't quite get to what really matters? Have you noticed that just keeping up with ordinary living means ongoing updating of a growing number of external things too numerous to put on one list?

Depending on your lifestyle, even a simple life today requires ongoing care of a car, computer, clothes, and home. Your car needs maintenance or it may break down on the way to an important appointment. Your computer needs upgrades of software and sometimes troubleshooting to keep it reliable. Your clothes need cleaning and the occasional repair or replacement. Your home, even if you rent, needs cleaning and sporadic renovations.

Your relationships with others need updating too. Children move away and start new adult lives. The space they used to occupy in your home is empty, and you will want to change how you relate to these children now grown.

Sometimes it takes the feeling of an empty nest to spark a personal reassessment. It could also result from many other life changing circumstances people experience regularly. A job is finished. A career reaches a dead end. A marriage is terminated. A "significant other" moves out. A loved one dies. A best friend moves away. A health crisis erupts. At times like these, it's common to find yourself searching for new meaning and life purpose.

These quite often are the times when you give yourself permission to take stock and to reevaluate what is important to you personally. Life's circumstances have led you to a crossroads. It can feel as though you are standing at an intersection and the lights are red in all directions. You are stopped, for some moments in time, at that red light intersection, and you must wait for one light to turn green.

The waiting can seem unbearable, laborious, and perhaps crazy-making. Your normal human inclination is to push and do something to make the lights turn green. You don't like waiting, and you don't understand why you should have to wait. It can feel painful to remain stopped at the red light, not knowing what direction to take next or when you will be able to move forward.

Working with a Red Light Crossroads

Each person's red light crossroads will look a bit different. Some red lights turn green as soon as you realize you are at the intersection, need to make a different choice to move forward, and then do make that choice.

If you just lost your job, for example, it could be a simple choice involving the realization that you were meant to lose the job so you could do another kind of more fulfilling work. As you realize this and are open to what your intuitively guided reason shows you is the next optimal step, you welcome a job offer from a company in an entirely different industry.

Before losing the job, you might never have considered the other type of job. And yet when it is presented to you this way, and you trust your intuition to jump into unfamiliar waters, you do it and don't look back.

As soon as you do this, your red light crossroads has a green light and it stays green continually as you move through the intersection. You are on your way!

Other times, you could find yourself at what seems to be a similar red light crossroads, but you discover that a deeper level of self-inquiry is required.

To be sure, it takes a developing skill and a strong desire-accompanied by unwavering determination-to dive deeply into self-inquiry. It is not for the faint-hearted, or for those who fear they will discover something they prefer not to uncover. You must be bold and be willing to look more deeply at yourself than you have looked before. You must do this even at times when you feel fatigued or beaten down by a challenge.

Your personal check-in, and follow up on what you find, is essential for your self-healing and clarity. It is a universal principle that you must have a full understanding of your issue before your light will turn green.

To move where you will want to go next, your green light must stay continuously green long enough to get through the intersection. Sometimes people will mistake a flashing green light as the "real thing," incorrectly assuming that they have all the data needed to go forward and leave their dilemma behind.

If you are visual and can imagine sitting at a red light crossroads, consider that sometimes lights will flash rather than hold steady. The flashing could be an indicator that you are nearly complete with your inner inquiry process. If you have a sense that you have a flashing green light, you will want to consider the reasons why. Then proceed with any follow up so that you can come to a full understanding and resolution. Once you do that, your light will stay continuously green and you can move ahead.

Responding to Relationship Challenges

Relationship challenges typically require self-inquiry at a deeper level. Your relationship could be with a family member, a spouse, your immediate supervisor at work, a client you interact with regularly, an upstairs neighbor who disrupts your sleep, or a brand new romantic love interest. The learned human tendency is to view the relationship difficulty as something that needs to be changed in the other person.

Where you want to look, instead, is inside yourself. The other person you relate to is simply a messenger for something you are learning about yourself and life. Take that other person out of the equation and you would certainly attract other people to help you learn the same thing. Therefore, whatever your learning is to be, you are wise when you heed the message to dive deeper into yourself.

With lots of practice, you can learn to become fearless in excavating your own inner landscape. You can, over time, become so skilled with self-inquiry that you move through your obstacles in much less time and with fewer repercussions.

You may even find that you relish the idea of responding to life's challenges in this deeper way. It is deeper because you must go beneath surface appearances. Remember that anyone can view things from the surface. This old-paradigm method shows you "bad news," yet it does not liberate you or allow for real change.

You must go underneath the layers of limiting false notions, recorded at a DNA level, out of view in your subconscious mind. When you go deep enough, you can begin to realize the limiting belief systems that are at the root of your pain. From that space, you can be intuitively guided about what needs to be healed for you to become free.

False Notions about Self-Inquiry

The following address some false notions about self-inquiry. Having a reminder of these can help you to develop a more fearless approach to self-realization.

Invite the wisdom of your heart to indicate which of these ideas may have most hampered your personal growth in this lifetime.

1. Focusing on you and your own enlightenment is not selfish. Many religious traditions teach that you must be selfless to know God, yet there is a misunderstanding of what this means. You cannot become realized without knowing the Self. Also, you are able to help others only to the extent that you have excavated your own inner territory and become free of destructive patterns.

2. It is not wrong to love yourself. As with the above example, only when you love yourself fully and unconditionally can you express that kind of love in the world. Therefore, to love anyone else, you must first learn to love yourself. As long as you have conditional love for yourself, in any one area, you will be limited in what you can give to others. Self-love is also needed to develop a tangible experience and knowing of spirit, the nonphysical world, and even your own intuitive gifts.

3. It is not easier to know yourself than to know others. This is a mistaken idea based on the idea that, since you "live with yourself" all the time, you must know yourself better than you know other people. Wrong. It is not that you really know other people either, yet it can be easier to "see" them than it is to "see" yourself. Part of the reason for that is that you are naturally able to detach more when you observe someone else, thereby allowing you to recognize things in them that you could not so easily know about yourself. Fully knowing the Self is indeed the last frontier, and very few are able to do it.

Whenever you feel that you really know yourself, allow yourself a moment of congratulations, yet temper that with the awareness that there is much more that you do not yet know. If you can consider it an adventure-which is fun and worthwhile-you will be on the right track. As is typical in human nature, anything that is considered hard work and with questionable payoff will tend to be put in the "do later" box.

4. Self-inquiry is not just for times when you are feeling challenged. If you are feeling blessed by career success, consider using this time to continue exploring your inner world. Set your intent to really get to know yourself, in both the good times and difficult times. The more regular attention you give to your own self-realization, regardless of outer circumstances, the more you can advance your own enlightenment.

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