Selacia Council of 12 Message for Nov. 2007: Part II - Updating YOU: Body, Mind & Spirit

5. Knowing yourself is not something you must get permission to do. Likewise, there is no one or nothing outside of you that forces you to know yourself. In some traditions, it is believed that God (or another outside deity) decides to show people things about themselves. In this school of philosophy, the person is at the mercy of an entity they cannot see, waiting for this outside force to show them something they cannot see themselves. Here is one of the ways this can play out. A religious person prays to God to be shown the way out of a dilemma. They then wait for an answer. Not realizing it is also necessary to self-examine, the person may skip this essential step. Then, without having the training to know when and how their "answer" could be revealed, the person is likely to miss the symbolic signs from spirit. "Answers" are often communicated in response to prayer, yet they come in subtle ways. A person who becomes practiced in how to read these "answers," and who also does regular self-inquiry, will be well-placed to benefit from receiving the symbolic signs from spirit.

6. You do not have to give yourself to God or any other outside entity to know yourself. In some religious teachings, it is believed that you find and know yourself by giving yourself to a deity. It is seen as a kind of exchange. Certain religious practitioners since ancient times believed that if they committed their lives to a specific high holy being, that deity would take away their "sins," allowing self-knowing and freedom. This is not how it happens. Self-realization comes not from without, but from within. There is no other way. Outside forces-including people and holy ones you respect-can help open your inside doors to knowing, yet it is you and you alone who actually go through those doors.

7. To discover the root of your suffering does not necessitate a painful reliving of the past. The false idea that you must relive your pain to heal it is based on outmoded therapies. In certain healing traditions, for example, it has been accepted practice to have the person re-experience trauma and feel its effects in present time. When you do that, you are working with the conditioned Self. You may receive some useful data from remembering your conditioning, but you cannot know your essence that way. The eternal you, hidden underneath the layers of conditioning, is not in pain. That part of you knows the truth about why you have experienced painful situations. There is no judgment of what happened. When you contemplate your true Self, and explore what is obscuring your experience of this, you are guided on a very fruitful journey. Traveling down that road, you can discover more about the roots of the pattern that is causing you pain. Quite often, these roots are from either your genetic line or your own past life history, and your current life trauma was merely a continuation of a a very long pattern. You can learn to self-examine in a way that separates your past experiences from the "real" you. This method places you in present time, your only point of true power. You can then, in a more fearless way, confront whatever needs to be confronted.

The journey of discovering who you really are can be the most rewarding part of your human experience. It does not have to be "hard work," yet it will require discipline and a willingness to face whatever you find. Ironically, for most people, the greatest fear is not finding out that they are flawed, but realizing that they indeed are Divine perfection!

On the way to remembering your own Divine nature, you will naturally come across and confront a number of masks which have distorted your view of Self. These masks, or identities, are typically mistaken for your actual Self, but only because you are not aware of them as masks.

When was the last time you updated your relationship with yourself? In these times of fast-moving changes, you will want to do these updates more frequently. So much around you is shifting, including planetary energies that impact you and your ability to generate accelerated change. Therefore, ongoing inner assessments are needed for you to remain current and to continue progressing spiritually.

When you are up-to-date with yourself, you are more likely to discern forward movement in both your inner and outer worlds. If you can sense progress-big or small-this can fuel a growing confidence within you that your journey is worthwhile.

Suggestions for Self-Inquiry

The following are some suggestions for self-inquiry. Invite your intuitively guided reason to reveal how you can optimally reassess yourself and your life path. Ask to be shown a timetable and method that will be optimal for you personally. Using these ideas and questions as a guide, set your intention to look honestly at your inner landscape. Decide that you will approach it as a sacred practice, knowing that underneath the layers of false identity is your beautiful Divine Self. Apply a large dose of self-love to each self-inquiry practice.

1. Do not be concerned about where to start. Just begin where you are. As simple as this may sound, this is the most effective. Reflect on where you find yourself in life, how you feel about being in that "place," how you relate to your circumstances, what you have decided the situation "means," how you are impacted by external factors, and what within you is feeling suppressed and unable to be expressed.

2. As a human with a physical body, ask yourself what you feel you are missing. Do you lack companionship, the comfort of another's touch, or the ability to sleep or wake easily? Are you giving your body the foods, exercise, and relaxation it needs? When was the last time you changed something in your diet? If you have pain or a physical illness, what are the messages underneath the physical condition? What about your physical body or condition have you not yet fully understood; what are the missing pieces of data you need to create a resolution? Consider your self-care regimen and whether it could use some updating.

3. What thoughts do you repeat over and over-as though no one heard them the first time-when you think about your cherished dreams, worry about problems, or contemplate your future? What does your mind tell you is possible, but your outer world has yet to validate? When you have fears, have you tracked them back to their source? When you have doubts, are you in touch with the catalysts? Are you in need of more skillful means of working with your anger, so that you cause no harm to yourself or others?

4. How do you feel more connected to spirit since your last "check-in"? In what areas do you still feel blocked? Are you in touch with what scares you about the vast world of the nonphysical? Reflect on some recent reminders you have received about the movement of spirit in your life. Have you noticed more synchronicities? Think about the times when you have invited Divine guidance to help you resolve a dilemma, and then solutions appeared seamlessly and effortlessly. Consider whether you are allowing enough personal quiet time for "input" from spirit. Do you value your quiet time as much as you do your "busy" time? If not, investigate the reasons why. Inquire about whether you could shift something in your routine or approach so that you could be more receptive to spirit. You may feel very open to spirit now, but consider that the openness you experience now is relative. How could you be even more open?

5. As you reflect on your present life and what you feel is missing, get in touch with what you have said recently about what you need or want. For example, do you find yourself saying that you need to lose weight or to make more money? Do you tell yourself that you want your soul mate or to be happy? Revisit, in your mind, the kinds of things to which you attach the words "need and want". Regardless of what these things are, know that your energy of communicating these things as "needs and wants" keeps you in a cycle of needing and wanting. Your goals, when expressed this way, have a future focus. Set your intention to visualize and communicate in present-time focus. This is where your power lies.

6. Do not measure the leaps you take personally by external measuring sticks alone. Many of the significant leaps you can make will start inside of yourself, as a subtle shifting of your point of view. It takes a trained eye to discern subtle energies. The experienced traveler learns to appreciate the many facets of change, and to view them as a connected tapestry of awakening.

7. As part of reassessing yourself, be open to learning. You will want to learn to differentiate between learning that is simply a collection of facts, and learning that goes to the core of your being. It will be the second kind of learning that can help you to understand yourself and who you really are. On a factual level, for example, you could discover that you lived in Egypt as a healer in ancient times. This may be interesting, yet it is still surface data that relates to an identity you once had. In your self-inquiry, you will want to learn at a much deeper level. You want to go beyond personality to learn about the eternal you.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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