Selacia Council of 12 Message for Nov. 2008: Part I - Responding To Financial Crisis

Your world is in financial crisis, and you are likely wondering how long the instability will last. You may already be feeling the impact on a personal level, or perhaps you have concerns about how you might be affected.

Regardless of how you are impacted by the world economic predicament, you will want to use the opportunity of this situation to develop new approaches to money. After all, the world's financial situation is in devastating disarray because of a need to totally revamp humanity's relationship with money.

Changes are needed on a large scale involving the masses, but also on a very personal level. To positively impact the whole of the planet and use the opportunity of the planet's financial upheavals for your greatest spiritual advancement, therefore, you will want to explore your own relationship with money. As part of that, you will want to update your DNA-level programming about money with more enlightened perspectives.

Every Person is Affected

Each person on the planet---regardless of culture and income level-carries limiting belief systems related to money. It doesn't matter whether you have $1 million in the bank or whether you live paycheck to paycheck. The beliefs will be there in your DNA, all the same, and all it takes is some sort of catalyst to make them operable.

For many lightworkers, the current economic chaos is indeed that catalyst. Examples include concerns about where the economy is headed, personal financial losses, and fears about coping with unknowable factors. Any of these things can trigger the playing out of limiting belief systems about money.

Where do these beliefs come from? Many of them you inherit from your lineage. They come from ancestors you never met, having lived a very long time ago, perhaps during a depression or famine. Some come from your past lives. These may include spiritual lifetimes when you took vows of poverty. Still others come from the mass consciousness, meaning that great numbers of people collectively believe the same thing.

All humans carry outmoded beliefs in their DNA, representative of old-world perspectives about money and a host of other topics. Most of the limiting belief systems involving money are fear-based. They include ideas involving lack, struggle, and never having enough.

These old-world views of money are outmoded and unworkable. That is the reason for the collapse you are seeing now. Revolutionary approaches will be needed to create new paradigm models for working with money.

The overhaul of humanity's relationship with money is a rather broad topic, relating to a complex web of elements. These include the obvious things like resources, markets, and business. However, there is much more to the picture.

It is short sighted to view the international crisis as an impersonal problem affecting only the stock markets, financial institutions, and investment funds. To be sure, you will experience the world's economic predicament differently if you don't have a 401K, an IRA, or other types of financial investments.

Likewise, you will have a different impact if you now have a steady job or a regular source of income from a pension, rental property, or other source.

All of Humanity is Connected

The key here is to remember that all of humanity is connected. There is an intricate set of links between countries, markets, diverse populations of people, and the businesses that provide the services and products you consume.

Remember that humanity and the Earth are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift, the likes of which have never been experienced before. People everywhere are being affected on countless levels, including in ways that cannot be sensed or seen. Whether you live in America or some other place across the globe, you are part of the mix of change.

As society is reconfigured to the new paradigm energies, you will be discovering how to embody and help forge a brand new way to experience success and prosperity. The changes that you want will come about through efforts of individual people like yourself who are focused on creating a more enlightened world.

Some of these people you will elect to office. Others will be found at the helm of businesses and institutions involved with progressive approaches. Still others will be leaders of private oversight committees charged with overhaul of broken systems.

Each person has a role to play. There is so much at stake on the planet right now. The world's economic crisis is not something you want to leave in the hands of bureaucrats, elected officials, and other authority figures.

To give your power to others---without also taking an active role---is an old paradigm approach. This will not get you and your world out of the quicksand of financial collapse.

What You Can Do

What can you as a lightworker do?

First, you can embrace your role as a Divine Changemaker.

That means moving into your power and being willing to look at what is going on, taking actions based on what you find. It also means taking actions based on your own truth rather than someone else's truth.

Instead of complaining and viewing circumstances as something unfortunate, you use the opportunities of the chaos to create what you want. Trust that you can do this, and refuse to buy into doubts that tell you otherwise.

During a world financial crisis, you educate yourself about the big picture. You look beyond the mainstream media newscasts, and into the underlying reasons for what is happening. As part of that, you become educated about the history of humanity's experiences with money, power, and control.

You learn about what has worked, and what has failed, during past cycles of financial turmoil. When investigating this, you look beyond the oftentimes incomplete historical data that's presented in your media.

In order for humanity to shift into the higher vibrational ways of being, people must be willing and able to learn from the past. That includes an understanding of how hate and greed have fueled the growth of wars, dictators, protectionism, prejudice, and monopolies.

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