Selacia Council of 12 Message for Nov. 2008: Part II - Responding To Financial Crisis

As part of your research, you discover examples of individuals who have prospered and created innovative humanitarian approaches during both boom times and depressions. Remember that your media typically place more focus on failures and crises than on successes and other news having a positive spin. However, if you look for examples of past successes, you indeed will find them.

Second, you can learn to become more aware of your own self-sabotaging patterns involving money.

To become more awake to your subconscious limiting programs is the first step in becoming free of them.

One way to begin getting in touch with limiting beliefs held in your subconscious is to pay attention to what you say (out loud or inside your own head) when you are worried about money and when you are focusing on the dreams of success you desire to manifest in the future. What you say during these times will give you clues to the themes of the belief systems in your DNA.

For example, how often do you say to yourself that you never have enough money to pay your bills? What do you say to yourself when contemplating your cherished dreams? Do you think that you will be able to achieve what your heart tells you is your life's work?

Third, you can begin to confront your fears and doubts involving money, prosperity and success.

That includes fears about your personal financial stability as well as fears about the world's economy. Refuse to let these life-defeating thoughts determine what you say and do next.

When fears and doubts aren't challenged, they begin to take on a life of their own. Remember that what you focus on and give your energy to - over and over again - you create more of!

If you allow yourself, for even brief periods of time daily, to buy into the fear and allow it to fuel your next thoughts, feelings and actions, you join the ranks of the masses that unknowingly are creating more suffering for themselves.

Your challenge, as a lightworker, is to remain positive and daily reinforce within your own mind the new kind of world you want to create, have, and live in.

How can you do this when your world tells you that everything is falling apart?

Success in remaining positive when others focus on doom-and-gloom requires:
1. Persistence
2. Patience
3. Believing in yourself
4. An ability to screen out society's fear-based negative spin
5. A willingness to change
6. Ongoing inner work to clear your own self-sabotaging patterns in the DNA
7. Surrounding yourself with others who also are focused on creating the new paradigm world

Fourth, you can ask yourself daily what it is you want to create.

This question is not just about today. Think long term. Keep your imagination and wonder alive by contemplating the brand new paradigm world that you know will feel like "home."

Don't try to make your dreams fit in with society's doomsday mindset. Reach beyond that rigid view and into a higher way of thinking. Trust that you can create something brand new!

Decide daily what kind of energy you want to experience, setting your intentions for what you will manifest and how you will treat yourself and others. Visualize yourself experiencing what you have intended. As you do this, connect with the feeling of this experience, as though it's happening right now. Acknowledge how this makes you feel.

Fifth, you can give yourself permission to express yourself in an empowered way.

That includes giving your gifts-whatever they are-without hesitation and without being attached to outcomes. Remind yourself that the gifts residing within you are meant to be given. Let go of concerns that your gifts aren't enough.

Decide to give them even if no one but you understands their value. Remember that when you allow your precious light-filled energy to circulate in everyday activities, you are helping to create the kind of world you want to inhabit.

What is Different Now

Remember that you live in unprecedented times. No previous economic downturn, controls on your freedoms, or sagging reputation of a major superpower such as America could prepare people for what's happening now.

The current crisis is not just another challenge or a situation your old-world leaders can resolve with bigger and bigger band-aids. Also, regardless of who you elect to office, they will face tough challenges as they attempt to restore balance and prosperity.

The changes that you heard were coming are rapidly unfolding, one right after another. While no one knew exactly what these changes would look like, there was a knowing that the outmoded would need to be disassembled to make way for the new.

Some of the changes you are now seeing may seem to be sudden, but they indeed have been building for a very long time. The world economic crisis is just one example. Since the world's financial systems are integrally connected to society's other outmoded structures, the economy is the first to have the spotlight.

Other sectors will also come up for review and reconfiguration. These include energy, climate change, planetary resources (including water, food, and forests), treatment of animals, education, religion, healthcare, the aging population, business models, politics, and the military.

It will take some time for the economic overhaul to take place. Some of the outmoded approaches to money have come to light, and more of humanity is now aware that a lot must change, yet it will take time to sort out the complexities and find a new sort of balance. Meanwhile, countries, businesses, and everyday people will be in re-education mode.

As part of your own re-education, contemplate how you can update your views to reflect the new paradigm reality. Start with money, since that is the area under the microscope now.

Refuse to go along with pack mentality on this topic, even if the views seem to be coming from lightworkers. Come up with your own ideas.

Punishing the Wealthy

As an example, there are those in the lightworker community who delight in seeing the wealthy lose their great fortunes. To wish ill fortune on anyone is not an enlightened perspective. This view is rooted in hate, jealously, comparison, competition, and punishment. You don't want to fuel more of these fear-based approaches.

Don't try to punish those who have the money. Instead, work to change consciousness on the planet. When those with the great wealth choose the spiritual path, they will naturally want to share what they have with others. Only those in ignorance of how to apply the spiritual laws of abundance hoard and take what belongs to others.

You don't want to perpetuate the oppressive cycles of punishment humanity has had in force for thousands of years. Punishing the rich does nothing for the poor.

Keep in mind that some of the world's wealthiest people are also the most inventive, having been willing to take risks, to live a dream no one believed in, to come up with something brand new, and to magnetize the support of others in seeing their dream come true. Learn to embody some of these positive approaches in your own life.

Timing of the Shift

Humanity, as a collective, can evolve quickly in a seemingly brief span of time - just as individuals can. The quantum shift into higher consciousness can be achieved when a critical mass of aware individuals holds and acts upon enlightened views.

Because of the unique configuration of who is incarnated on Earth today, humanity's range of creation probabilities is greatly expanded. The "who" referred to here involves the great numbers of beings currently incarnated, who these beings are, and the path of Light a significant number of these beings have chosen. Earlier historical periods lacked this unique combination of factors, so humanity's progression was more limited.

Another element is this. Due to the unique configuration mentioned above, once a significant number of people embrace the same probable future, that outcome is more likely to happen on a planetary scale.

It's very useful, therefore, to focus each day on the more enlightened world you want to birth. Keep in mind that there are plenty of people who focus daily on doomsday views involving terrorism, devastating Earth changes, mass starvation, and government oppression.

You, as a lightworker, can create a much different probability, with dramatically softer effects, bypassing the alternative harsh realities.

Trust that humanity will find a way to reconfigure the unworkable to something very effective!

This is a precious timeframe for you as a spiritual being incarnated now. Decide each day that you will utilize this great crossroads of humanity to progress spiritually, and to live the principles you have spoken about for so long. The ideas of the new world must be more than words. You must incorporate your cherished principles into your beingness, and act on them.

You have an abundance of assistance from your own Higher Self and your spiritual teachers to achieve what you have come here to do.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2008 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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