Selacia Council of 12 Message for Oct. 2007: Part I - A Focus on Truth

In the year 2008, more and more people will begin questioning things that they never questioned before. Individuals from all walks of life will be seeking new answers and to make sense of a nonsensical world.

For some people-who have been asleep to humanity's great current of change-a personal crisis in the not too distant future could be the catalyst to seriously question the status quo. The crisis could be anything from a grave health condition, a costly divorce, a house foreclosure, or a job loss. When the person begins questioning more deeply than before, and realizes how shaky the traditional means of support are, an opening is created to change course.

To be sure, such a person receiving this "wake up call" must act on the "call" in order to shift their circumstances. As part of that, they must choose a different path than the one they have been traveling.

The New Path of Heart

This new path involves looking within for answers and responding to the world with a heart-centered focus. It means giving up, bit by bit, the habitual ego-based patterns learned in the conventional world. Giving these up is not a simple thing to do, for there is much resistance and ignorance about the truth of one's real condition. That is a normal part of being human.

This awakening person will need to approach the new path with dedication, persistence, self-love, compassion, and patience. The last quality of patience is particularly important, for success in navigating the new heart-centered path will require ongoing actions and choices. The person must be willing to continue choosing the higher path, and taking actions that reflect that choice, regardless of what appears to be happening. Sometimes it may appear as though nothing at all is happening. Other times, the progress may simply seem to be too slow. No matter what adversity is experienced, discouragement must not be allowed to block the person's resolve. The shifting into an entire new way of being requires tenacity and an ability to continually remember the big picture.

For Experienced Travelers

For those already on the path of conscious awakening, this coming cycle will precipitate an even deeper level of questioning than before. Light will continue to shine on disparities and dysfunctional old paradigm approaches. As that happens, many secrets and much hidden knowledge will be exposed. Truth will come out into the open. Some of this uncovering will involve personal issues that will present themselves in a new way, perhaps escalating into even more of a crisis. When these things occur, if approached intuitively and sanely, doorways will open to allow for resolution. A skilled person who desires to rid themselves of a longstanding concern, therefore, may find that this next cycle gives them just the spiritual fuel needed to finally complete the healing.

The Shift on a Global Scale

Each person on the planet will be impacted in some way by the accelerated transformational shifting in 2008. It may be conscious or unconscious, but the impact will be there. The challenge will be in connecting the dots and making sense of the oppositional forces. Fear-based agendas and actions can be subtle, disguised as something benevolent. Again, remembering the larger view and making sure to regularly question within are keys to each person's individual progress.

If you feel that your ability for inner inquiry needs to be strengthened, there has never been a more important time to further develop this skill. Having this talent in these pivotal times is not a luxury, but a necessity. This ability is developed by first opening to it, and then through lots of ongoing practice. Opening to your natural ability to question will take a very strong desire, and a willingness to learn new ways of approaching your reality. It will also require an inner strength that does not waver when you feel challenged by others, the status quo, or unflattering information you receive about yourself. You must be willing to see the truth behind the falseness in everything, including your own human-formed identity. That, too, must be allowed to fall away so that you can discover your true Divine self hidden underneath.

Inner inquiry is also an essential part of developing your intuitive knowing or psychic abilities. Those who have developed their skill of using intuitively guided reason will be in high demand in the times to come. They may call themselves intuitives, or they may use other language to describe their gifts.

Those gifted with intuitive ability will be needed everywhere - from corporations, government bodies, households, health care facilities, to the intuitive arts. They will surface to help others not yet skilled in inner inquiry. They will also be able to help other skilled intuitive people, who from time to time desire additional input from someone outside the conventional paradigm. Sometimes it will be in sharing the results of one's own inner questioning with such a person that hidden truths of one's dilemma will surface.

Need for Restoration of Atrophied Talents

For most people, questioning and listening are rather atrophied talents. Everyone can learn to do these things, but the conventional world puts little value on them. In fact, from an early age, most people are told what to do, how to think, and what is true.

Education, even at the higher levels, does not teach people to question, to listen, or to really think for themselves. People learn that to succeed in the outer world, they must be first, best, fit in with what society dictates, and be the loudest voice in the crowd in order to stand out. There is tremendous pressure to do and be these things.

When people follow this conventional recipe for success, they are headed for disappointment. The recipe may be all they know, and it may appear that others use it for great achievements, yet it is based on a lie. At the root of the lie is a tangled web of false notions of the conditional world. They appear real because humanity has given them so much energy and accepted them as a guidebook for living. Each person must dispel the false notions for themselves, one at a time. To do this, a person must restore their atrophied talents of inner questioning and listening.

When atrophied talents are restored and made relevant for these times, a person has an intuitively guided rational means of responding to uncertainty and chaos. Those who are drawn to focus on these untraditional approaches know, at a deep cellular level, that this time in history is unique.

The next few years will not be a carbon copy of any other time, even though some dynamics are similar. The familiar themes-long part of the human landscape-include war, greed, ego-based control and power maneuvers, hatred and prejudice towards anything or anyone seeming to be different, fear-based messages of doom and gloom which include predictions of the "end of the world," and growing numbers of people fed up with it all.

What's Different This Time

This time around, the world is being profoundly impacted by the cumulative force of an awakening consciousness. Underway is the biggest shift in consciousness humanity has seen in so short a time period. The force of awakening has been building for many years across the planet, with new levels of progress reached each year. Much of this forward movement is difficult to discern, especially in times of hardship, and when most people are so focused on what's wrong.

Humanity, right now, stands on the edge of the crucial jumping off point that can allow for a dramatic leap into higher consciousness. This is the leap you have come to Earth to make, and what you have been working towards-knowingly or unknowingly-your whole life.

The brand new paradigm of enlightened consciousness really is more within reach than ever, despite what you hear to the contrary. It is important that you believe this, and that you focus your energies on creating it-mainly within yourself but also in your actions taken in the world.

The more consciously you work to create this new paradigm in the next few years, the greater your opportunity to shift into a higher vibrational state, and to positively impact the planet. As you do this inner work, you will be assisting others around you and also helping to create a more heart-centered world.

It is vital in these next few years to stay awake to the lies and manipulation. You will be told that there's no hope for the planet, no Earth for your great-grandchildren to inhabit, and that only certain "good" people will "survive." You will be told that you must give up your freedoms to be protected from the "enemy." You will be told that it's too costly (or some other explanation) to fix human dysfunctional systems involving health care, allocation of resources, and destruction of the environment. None of this is true.

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