Selacia Council of 12 Message for Oct. 2009: Part II - 2010 Predictions: A Time of Transparency

by Selacia

Many of the world's problems have been building for a very long time, yet only recently has this begun to become apparent to the general populace. Likewise, the life journey for people incarnated on Earth today is a continuum-a cycle of energy put in motion over lifetimes.

There is a tendency each time, including this key lifetime, to forget what happened before and to have amnesia about one's gifts and character flaws. As remembering is triggered, the individual response will depend upon how evolved the person is this lifetime and his or her state of consciousness when being confronted with a reality-shifting truth.

The demystifying of life, on the grand scale it is occurring now, is unprecedented. In no other lifetime have you been faced with reexamining so much about what's real, what to pay attention to, and how you fit in.

Even if you are a seasoned light worker, you can become anxious when discovering that your early life training did little to prepare you for the level of unfolding now under way. Go gently with yourself and with your human comrades who also are finding their way out of the dark. It will be easier on some days, harder on others.

The Blinders are Gone

In many cases, it will be a bit like the race horse that after the race has its blinders removed before being turned loose into open pasture. Sometimes the horse will respond wildly, running as fast as it can in the direction of freedom, yet having no specific destination in mind.

At other times, the horse will move smoothly and effortlessly into the open field, feeling confident and in good spirits. On occasion, the horse will stand in place, immobilized and in a daze. If feeling sufficiently aggravated, the horse may rear up and kick its handler out of defiance. If it's let loose with other horses, its herding instinct may come into play. The horse will then follow the lead of the dominant mare.

People often respond similarly to the race horse when faced with the need to make radical changes and answer questions without external guidance. There's a learned tendency to bolt away from restrictions, even if there's no clarity about where one is bolting. There could be more clarity if people had more experience and confidence with accessing their heart's inner wisdom.
With no intelligent plan, the person who bolts ahead is really no better off than before.

Similarly, people often let fear be an immobilizing force rather than the catalyst to do great things.

Pack mentality is a serious obstacle as well. This is especially true in times when people are feeling isolated and crave connection with others.

10 Questions to Ask in 2010

To avoid being like the wild race horse in 2010, here is a list of 10 questions you can ask on a regular basis. Come back to these questions whenever you desire more clarity, more focus, more balance, and more inner confidence about your path of light.

1. As I consider an issue or situation, am I looking at both the relevant details and the big picture?

2. What is the key missing piece of information that will allow me to have clarity about an issue or situation?

3. What is in the way of my seeing what I need to see?

4. How am I sabotaging my own progress?

5. In what ways am I giving away my power?

6. What is the one change I could make in my life to radically shift out of past rigid conditioning and into a more enlightened state?

7. As I consider the current outer world news and prophecies about 2012, which things are really true, which are assumption, which make me the most fearful, and which cause me to feel the most hope?

8. How comfortable do I feel becoming more transparent with myself, my loved ones, and my outer world?

9. What am I afraid to know about myself?

10. Have I remembered today that I am a Divine Changemaker™, contemplating what that means in action?

Your One Choice

You really have one choice to make when it comes to change. Are you embracing your role as Divine Changemaker™ or are you allowing yourself to be a victim of change?

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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