Selacia Council of 12 Message for Sep. 2007: Part II - Opening to Miracles

The following are some guidelines for opening more to miracles. Keeping these in mind on a regular basis will help you to experience more miracles, and to more easily recognize miracles that otherwise might have escaped your attention. As you read this list, invite your intuitively guided reason to highlight areas of particular relevance to you right now. Later on, when you return to the list for a check-in regarding your progress, ask again for the highlighting. This will help you clarify your focus and to notice positive changes in your consciousness.

1. Set your intention to do the inner work necessary to continually increase your expression of love. The more that you can develop self-love and from that love, express love in the world, the higher your vibration will be. Your loving consciousness will be a magnet for miracles of all kinds!

2. Become fearless. To the extent that you feel and express fear, miracles will not be fully experienced. Be willing to get in touch with your fears, and to go to the root of what holds them in place. As you heal fear-based patterns, you will become less fearful and freer. Recognize that everyone, including you, is conditioned by fear. It will often come into your awareness when you need to change a pattern. Learn to work with it intelligently. Discover how to transform it into an energy that helps you progress spiritually.

3. Learn to operate more from your heart and intuitive right brain. Miracles are not born out of your left logical brain. You attract them when you reside in wholeness, utilizing all aspects of your being. Replace your analytical approach with one that questions, is curious, and is open to the mysteries of being. Be willing to let go of the idea that you have all the answers. Be teachable, utilizing your human comrades for the teachings they provide, and allowing the Divine to show you miracles in each moment.

4. Listen more. If you cannot be still and listen, you will miss many of life's miracles. Listening is a skill developed over time and with practice. Most people lack formal training in listening. The culture teaches and champions output. You cannot be on output and input, fully, at the same time. Consider ways you can reduce or eliminate some of the distracting input-such as TV and cell phones-and replace it with contemplative input. This kind of input is spacious, has no expectations, and it not linear or time-oriented.

5. Let go of expectations. When you expect a miracle, or make artificial demands of when one must show up, you are getting in your own way. Sometimes in a crisis, for example, you may feel that only a miracle will solve a dilemma. You may, without knowing it, connect that idea with expectations of what type of miracle needs to occur. Sometimes all that is needed is to wake up to seeing a situation with a fresh approach. Once you do that, this is your miracle.

6. Consider what you actually believe, on a DNA level, about miracles. Put your energy into discovering what limiting beliefs related to miracles reside in your subconscious. Root them out at their source so that you can change your experience with miracles. Remember that you can believe two opposing things simultaneously, without consciously knowing it. You can believe miracles are possible, but also believe that they only happen for saints or other holy ones.

7. Acknowledge the miracles you see in the world. Take a time out occasionally to reflect on the many miracles that occur globally, for other people, and for you personally. Focusing on the good will help you to bring more positive energies into manifestation. Remember that you have a choice in each moment of where you focus your attention. When you see the evening news, you likely hear about gloom and doom occurrences. Car bombings, floods, and suicides make headlines. Depending on where you live, you may also notice trivia-type news about the love affairs or misfortunes of celebrities. Most miracles do not make the headlines. You will need to be awake to them. On a personal level, only you will be aware of most miracles you experience. If you want to know about more of your own miracles, set your intention to notice more of them as they occur. When you have those moments of doubt about your ability to experience miracles, check in with your heart and ask to be reminded of at least one miracle associated with your personal human experience. When you do that, be open to any answer you receive. Be willing, for example, to receive a knowing that you are a miracle!

8. Be grateful. As you come increasingly from gratitude, you open the door to positive energies that can translate into miracles. It costs you nothing to be grateful. Sometimes, especially when you are stressed or challenged, embodying gratitude can involve some creativity. It is helpful at times like these to be mindful of staying in the present moment and focusing on the positive spin of your situation. When you are creative and look deeply enough, you can always find the light. Focusing on the light leads you to realize something you can be grateful for in that moment.

9. Remember that you are a Divine eternal being. Keep this in mind always, especially during those times when challenging external circumstances lead you to feeling small and helpless. When you access miracles, you are connecting with the Divine Creative Force that resides in all living things. It resides in you, too. Forgive yourself for moving into forgetfulness about who you really are. Ask for regular reminders to help you become practiced in acknowledging your Divine nature and the bigger picture. As part of that, remember to be humble about your gifts and what you can do. The wise ones let go of the need to impress others with their miracles. They simply let their lives and their actions serve as an inspiring example to others. That is one way miracle consciousness spreads.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2007 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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