Selacia Council of 12 Message for Sep. 2008: Part II - Preparing to Reside in Your New Home

Reflect for a few more moments on your gifts, this time inviting spirit to help you expand upon what you now understand. Ask for guidance about how to more fully utilize the gifts you have. Ask for spirit's view of your gifts--what they are, which ones are most vital to your path of light, what you can do to further develop them, and how you can best give them in the world.

Your gifts are meant to be given. Only you can give them. Let go of comparing your gifts with those of others. Challenge your doubting mind when it tells you that you aren't gifted or aren't gifted enough. This is nonsense.

Set your intention to make full use of your gifts, not simply to help your own spiritual advancement but to help others. When you are giving your gifts without reservation, your soul can express more fully in the world. There is a genuine joy that comes from this.

This joy of living as soul--giving your gift, whatever it is--is the fuel that energizes you, sparking your passion and helping you to maintain a steadiness when life gets rocky.

A State of Consciousness

The new paradigm Earth you have just imagined is of course not an actual location. It's not a place you can pack your bags and move to, like you could move from London to Toronto. This place is a vibrational one, related to a state of elevated consciousness.

What you are contemplating here is a brand new reality within which the new more enlightened human will be born and peacefully coexist with other sentient beings. You and others like you on the path of awakening are creating this place right now!

At times, even without consciously knowing it, you are able to elevate yourself enough so that you have glimpses of this new paradigm energy. During your dream time, too, you have a taste of this, and your nonphysical guides teach you about it. Knowing this can be another incentive to work more with your own dreams and the richness they can provide you for personal transformation.

Most changes involved in creating the new Earth, in the truest sense, are within you. They occur as you open to more of who you really are, drop your past, let go of future fixations, and move into being really awake, present and alive in the body you inhabit.

As you are learning to do this-becoming conscious of your thoughts, words and actions-you get in touch with your real authentic power. You are remembering just how powerful you are, and taking back your power, a bit at a time.

You are learning to take responsibility for your creations. You are remembering more about who you really are, what really matters, and why you came to Earth this time.

The more that you focus on these higher purposes, instead of worrying or complaining about what's wrong, the more quickly you will advance.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2008 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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