Selacia & Council of 12: Part II - Your Place in the World

by Selacia

Changing yourself is a personal matter and done from the inside out, and yet it is not accomplished alone. You require assistance, not because you are inherently lacking, but because of your limiting human conditioning.

In general, regardless of how advanced you are, it can be challenging to see clearly into all aspects of your issues. You will benefit from working with a skilled and competent person outside your close circle of friends and family. It could be a healer or someone with another job description.

Why is this helpful? You are simply too close to the issue at hand, and you have a vested interest in the outcome. Being impartial, then, is problematic. You may be a very skilled healer and able to work on yourself, yet your most troublesome issues can be difficult to access alone. For the same reason, it can be challenging to heal your own loved one, even when you know them better than anyone else.

You have forgotten just how powerful you truly are!

The Impact of Human Conditioning

What is the limiting conditioning humans have had? Key elements include personal disempowerment, disconnection from spirit, and an isolationist view of reality.

You have forgotten just how powerful you truly are! You are a natural creator, for example, yet you have learned to place outside authorities in charge. You have learned to fear change and chaos, yet these elements are a natural part of creating anything new.

You have been conditioned to doubt yourself and to feel insufficient, resulting in a lowered self esteem and general disempowerment.

You lack a fusion of your physical reality with the force of spirit. Through countless experiences, you learned to separate physical reality from spirit. In doing so, you lost your "home base" that could naturally be with you anywhere, in any reality. That navigation tool became covered with dust and in the "off" mode for long periods of time.

You have forgotten the interrelated connectedness of your world. Even though you hold within your DNA concepts of connectedness, you also carry polar opposite concepts of separation. These false notions of disconnection have been continually challenged in the last century with the introduction of innovations like space travel, the internet, real-time world media coverage, and increased routine movement of people and goods across country borders.

You have amnesia about your past lives, forgetting their painful lessons as well as the amazing abilities you mastered in other times and places. You have learned to think of yourself, once grown, as independent of your family. As part of this, you haven't learned to associate your challenges and dysfunctional patterns with your family's lineage going back numerous generations.

The more that you can express compassion and acceptance for what "is," the higher your energy vibration will be.

Transcending Your Conditioning

Once you acknowledge your conditioning, you have more power to transcend it. It's also helpful to remember that your brothers and sisters on the path of Light have had much of the same conditioning in their human evolutionary cycle. Remembering this can help you to feel less alone on your journey, while also helping you to generate compassion for yourself and others. Being mindful of humanity's similar conditioning can also help you to become more accepting of your circumstances, including difficult situations involving other people.

The more that you can express compassion and acceptance for what "is," the higher your energy vibration will be. When you stop going to war about what "is" and move into acceptance, you free up a tremendous force of creative and healing energy.

When you broadcast, from your energy field, the qualities of compassion and acceptance, you will draw to yourself an increasing number of positive experiences. As an example, when you express compassion, you are more likely to receive compassionate treatment in the world. Also, when you are compassionate, people are more likely to be magnetized to you.

Accelerating Your Transformation

When you learn to let go of feeling that you are either better than others, or more handicapped than others, you can greatly accelerate your spiritual transformation.

Why? First, you will be more open to receiving insights that come directly or indirectly from your interactions with others. Second, you will begin to see yourself more clearly once you drop the judgments and comparisons.

Third, you will be more willing to reach out to others for assistance. Fourth, this willing and receptive attitude can connect you with more like-minded souls. Fifth, you will be more receptive to the guidance and other help that others can give you. Sixth, when you are counseled to consider a change in course, you will be more likely to give the suggestion serious thought, and if appropriate, take action on it.

To be personally empowered, you must have the ability to move beyond your resistance, beyond your arrogance, and into a state of willingness. When you are willing, rather than willful, you have the openness required to catalyze true and lasting changes.

This openness will help you with both your own personal transformation but also in being a potent force for good in the world. Regardless of the type of work that you do, the consciousness that you personally bring to the work is a pivotal factor in how much beneficial impact you can have during the paradigm shift.

At the root of arrogance is a lack of self-love.

Identifying Arrogance

How do you identify arrogance? You can think of it as a mindset that says "I am better than others." The opposite of being humble, the person expressing arrogance is prideful and self-important. When being arrogant, the person is ego-driven and often has a condescending manner.

At the root of arrogance is a lack of self-love. If a person loved themselves fully, without condition, they would have no need to show that they were important or better than others. However, since few people have fully realized their self-love potential, arrogance will show up in varying degrees from time to time.

Examples of things a person might say with arrogance include:
"I'm only on the planet to help others."
"Isn't it amazing how messed up everyone is?"
"Notice how stupid he is."

Each time you grow more spiritually and increase your vibration to hold more Light, you avail yourself of new and expanded opportunities to serve.

Discovering Your Unique Niche

It's normal that you would want to know how you fit into the world and how you can be of the most service in birthing humanity's higher consciousness. Each person has a unique role to play.

To discover your unique niche involves an ongoing process of becoming the most aware and awake human you can possibly be. It means regular inner work to clear personal issues that you might not have faced in a typical lifetime. As you know, there is nothing typical about being alive today!

Each time you grow more spiritually and increase your vibration to hold more Light, you avail yourself of new and expanded opportunities to serve. Being of service, after all, regardless of what that service looks like, is how you can do your part in creating humanity's great shift.

Being of service relates to work you are paid for as well as helpful actions you take without payment. Your unique niche relates more to your personal energetic signature than to any job title.

No one else has had the same current life experiences and past incarnations that you have. No one else made these experiences mean what yours have meant to you, nor has anyone else responded to what happened in the same way. Because of your own individual path, and what you have witnessed and learned, you carry an energetic resonance all your own. If you could connect with this resonance from the higher dimensions, it would have a unique sound.

Your unique signature involves key qualities and abilities you have developed over time. Some people, for example, have had numerous lifetimes devoted to the arts. Perhaps they had talent as a musician, sculptor, painter, writer, or designer.

Even if you have no awareness of your past lives, if you have worked in the arts during this life, you likely have some abilities associated with success in the arts.

An artist often is called to develop and utilize qualities involving such things as: imagination, curiosity, creativity, focus, observation, patience, tenacity, decisiveness, intuition, commitment, and good work habits.

The same qualities and abilities an artist hones on a personal level are also needed in the world. Someone out there can benefit from them. In fact, there is sure to be great demand for those who are skilled in using their intuitive right brain while also being able to observe and focus the mind to make intelligent decisions. These types of skills are an asset in countless types of work environments.

Enlightenment is not for a select few, but is your natural state.

Making This Life Count

Regardless of your age and circumstance, you can make your life count. What does this mean?

You can make your life count by being present and awake to the many opportunities you are given to personally advance and help your planet evolve into higher consciousness. Be aware of these and act on them.

In order to notice more of these windows of opportunity as they arise, become mindful of just how precious this particular lifetime really is. On some days, when you are mired in mundane routines, it may be difficult to view life as precious. However, especially on those days, do your best to focus on the bigger picture of why you chose to incarnate at this auspicious time.

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