Selacia Council of 12 Wesak Message for May 2008: Part I - Embracing the Divine Feminine

You are now at a pivotal juncture, both individually and collectively. Choices you are making in the current cycle are seeding what you will experience in 2012 and beyond.

What is the single most important choice you can make in these times? Why? What does this choice look like in everyday life? What does this choice have to do with how rapidly you progress towards your own enlightenment?

This choice involves a quality that you already have inside of you as part of your true nature. It is the quality of the Divine feminine.

When you choose to develop this quality, you start your conscious journey down the path of enlightenment. When you have learned how to access and express this quality in the world, you are accelerating your own progression into a higher vibrational way of living and being.

At the same time, you are contributing to the collective's evolvement into a higher, more enlightened consciousness. That is because your energies, thought forms and actions impact the whole of humanity. The next time you ponder what you can do to change the world's dysfunctional status quo, remember this. You are powerful!

Why the Divine Feminine is Vital Now

Why is your choice of embracing the Divine feminine so crucial now? The Divine feminine aspect is integral to the new paradigm. For centuries, the feminine face of the Divine has been given a backseat.

In the patriarchal traditions of your ancestors, the natural feminine principles were given a lesser importance. Masculine qualities of conquest, competition and control dominated the scene. Feminine qualities of compassion, helpfulness and unconditional love assumed a lesser role.

The outmoded patriarchal society--with its focus on war and fear-based manipulation--is in its death throws. It is collapsing because it ignores universal laws of wholeness and goodness. It keeps humanity in a primitive machine-like state that ignores the natural union of feminine and masculine.

The soul, which resides in the human heart center, is discounted in this old paradigm energy. The left logical brain is what this dying society prizes, to the exclusion of the heart and intuitive right brain.

There is a Divine masculine and a Divine feminine accessible within each person. This energy, when joined fully in one's life, creates wholeness and balance. Likewise, humanity and its individual cultures around the world can join these complimentary energies to create peace and harmony.

The current state of your world is a reflection of the disconnection from these Divine energies. Humanity in general has acknowledged the receptive and nurturing roles of the feminine, yet has defined these qualities as inferior to the masculine qualities of action and logical thinking.

The result of humanity's imbalance of masculine and feminine is seen all around you. The Earth itself is crying out for nurturing and respect. The peoples of the Earth are suffering needlessly because of political and social actions of the powerful few who act out of greed, fear and hate.

What you have on a world scale is a decision-making model that is based on profits and wealth-making for an elite group. This egotistical model does not allow sufficient concern for the needs of individuals, the planet's ecology, or the impact on the collective. This off-balance approach is creating an off-balance world.

Divine Feminine and Enlightenment

Whether you are a man or woman, you are not whole without incorporating the Divine feminine into your human expression. Any human who has succeeded in ascending into a state of enlightenment while in physical form has joined the Divine masculine and Divine feminine within themselves. It cannot be done without this.

Among the beings from humanity's past who show you the way are Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mary and Kuan Yin. Each of these beings demonstrated a joining of the feminine and masculine. Through their lives on Earth, they taught about the value of living as soul, and how to access the sacred space of the heart when interacting with others. They demonstrated that wholeness comes when one's personality is so fully balanced that it incorporates the soul.

In the 21st Century, you have numerous modern-day teachers who bring you a similar message. Turn to your own intuitively guided reason to know which teachers can be most useful to you. Even if you think of yourself as one of today's wisdom teachers, you can still benefit from hearing others' point of view. Don't allow spiritual arrogance to close your mind to spiritual growth. Regardless of where you see yourself on the path of enlightenment, consider availing yourself of what others offer, either by reading their words or experiencing their messages in person. Allow your heart to be touched in a new way.

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