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SelaciaSelacia and The Council of 12 are well-loved worldwide for offering practical spiritual guidance and cutting-edge healing arts. Selaica has developed an international reputation as a teacher and author because her life's work is one of total commitment to profound spiritual service. Now we can share how her work helps us.

Follow Selacia's innovative offerings helping people around the world with her latest writings, distance healing services, teleclasses, call-in channeling events, and so much more!

Selacia offers her vast experience to help us live a joy-filled life and gain clarity during these changing times. Let's share our reviews of how this true pioneer of holistic healing has touched our lives.

Selaica's new book sheds light about our future and being a part of the coming changes during earth's pivotal years. Weaving her years of wisdom into this timely book for humanity, Selaica wonderfully teaches us a fresh, uplifting perspective on the earth changes all around us. Important revelations for these times abound, and she really puts huge change into perspective all in a book that flows very gently. Learn about the book and enter a sweepstakes to win an iPad2 by clicking on school fundraising.

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Mark your calendars for the call-in channeling on September 24!

In group channeling evenings, we have a series of guided processes facilitated by The Council. The evening typically includes some messages from The Council, along with a guided meditative journey.

We gather together to add our light to the world scene, and to receive from spirit the energetic fuel for our next steps. The Council of 12 works with each person participating--throughout the entire time we gather in the Los Angeles area--providing spiritual openings, personal healing, and positive energetic momentum.

In our world peace process, facilitated by The Council, we join with lightworkers worldwide to send positive healing energies to the Earth, and to people all over the planet.

Details for the call-in event September 24

- Live call: 6:30-8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time
- Audio recordings of the live call-in hour & guided meditation will be provided
- Sign up now. I've participated in these channeling sessions by phone with people of like heart around the world. It's so wonderful to take a break and remember our own connection with spirit!

Latest Writings!

Selacia offers us all down-to-earth-guidance we can use in our busy lives with well-loved spiritual messages from The Council of 12. Click here to meet Selacia and keep up with all the latest by ordering Selacia's newsletter.

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2010 Messages

January: Acceleration of Your Ascension Process
February: Creating a More Light-Filled World
March: Creating New Paradigm Relationships
April: Moving Ahead with New Energy
May: The 2010 Wesak Message: Finding the Jewel

2009 Messages
January: Choosing a New Start
February: The Heart of Humanity Speaks
March: The Unique Window
April: The Media in the Window of 2012
May: The 2009 Wesak Message: Finding the Jewel
June: Moving Forward in The Window of 2012
July: Working with the 2012 Window Changes
August: Being Awake During The 2012 Window Changes
September: To Remember
October: 2010 Predictions: A Time of Transparency
November: 2012 & Beyond - Pivotal Moments in Time
December: You Are the Light of the World: Reclaiming Your Joy

2008 Messages
January: To Be Happy
February: Finding Your Own Truth
March: Creating the New
April: Your Place in the World
May: Wesak 2008 Message: Embracing the
Divine Feminine
June: What is Changing
July: Living in Times of Great Change
August: Shifting Your Power Source
September: Preparing to Reside in Your New Home
October: 2009--The Great Reconfiguration
November: Responding To Financial Crisis
December: Taking a Quantum Leap

2007 Messages
January: Opening to More Lightness of Being
February: Heart-Centered Relating in the New Paradigm
March: A New Start
April: Choice in the New Paradigm
May: Wesak 2007 Message: Living Your
Mission of Light
June: Location & Your Sacred Place
July: Finding the Sacred during Turmoil
August: Intuitive Abilities Used Harmlessly
September: Opening to Miracles
October: A Focus on Truth
November: Updating YOU: Body, Mind & Spirit
December: A Look at the Future

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