Spiritual Development Center
We speak of spiritual enlightenment here!

The dedicated student of spiritual enlightenment is served by connecting with a quality spiritual development center. It's just the right place to learn spiritual wisdom as the world is reborn in the new age.

Spiritual Centers

Ligmincha Institute Serenity RidgeThese are the centers offering the spiritual wisdom providing answers to our most profound questions.

Our selected spiritual center is the Ligmincha Institute. There are locations worldwide to share Bon Buddhist wisdom. The tranquility of the institute's Serenity Ridge Retreat Center is captured at right.

Mystery Schools

A mystery school is like a university of the human spirit, revealing the mysteries of one's own true, divine self. The Ancient Ones have passed along wisdom that we may use in our journey of self-discovery. This can greatly accelerate our transformation and help us express our divinity more fully in the physical world.

Our featured mystery school is the Temple of Stella Maris.

Spiritual Academies

Our handpicked spiritual academy is the Cosmosis Academy.

Located in Australia, this global coaching academy educates people via long distance to develop on their journey of spiritual enlightenment. I have participated in the teleconferences with founders Michael and Linda King. They offer many profound truths and encourage people to step into full self mastery. This is deeply transformational material worthy of being called one of the very best online ascension programs. See this series of video clips to learn more.

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