How can I help you?
Helping fellow spiritual lightworkers is my gift

Me at homeI'm freely helping spiritual lightworkers revise existing homepages and offering advice on how to use technology to touch the world online with websites, teleclasses, progressive marketing principles and more.

Example . . .

Homepage before
Homepage after

Result -> soars to Google result #22 for "intutive healing."
That's way up from #153!!

I helped revise the homepage shown above to better serve a worldwide audience. It highlights how people everywhere can access spiritual wisdom and healing using innovative ways to teach people the path of soul around the world with teleclasses and more.

Read on to learn about me and how I envision helping spiritual lightworkers touch the world. Or, skip right to seeing how I help lightworkers revise existing homepages, offer worldwide teleclasses, and much more!

Why ask me?

These days anyone can feel overwhelmed by computer technology, and few people can make time to keep up with the big, rapidly changing Internet. I actually enjoy learning all the latest in website development, search engine optimization, and marketing to attract people of like heart.

I do have a traditional Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Technologies, and I've developed a few popular Solo Build It! websites. While I have a solid technical background, I'm attuned to my intuitive guidance and can simplify even something as big and daunting as the Internet.

Lightworkers like us need to know how to fully use technology to put our heart and soul into touching the world online. I know people everywhere can benefit when we all take action to offer our unique gifts, messages, healing services, and so much more.

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