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We share spiritual workshops we love to benefit all on the spiritual enlightenment journey. Real people give personal reviews on everything from meditation classes to healing arts workshops.

Flower of Life

A Flower of Life workshop offers heart-opening exercises and sacred geometry teachings stemming from the Right Eye of Horus Mystery School Teachings. MerKaBa Flower of LifeBreath and meditation are combined into the Merkaba. This meditation places us in a state of consciousness so we can act as a gateway to tap into the unified living energy of creation.

Practicing the Merkaba regularly creates profound transformation and brings into our awareness a connection to all life. The Flower of Life meditation class I attended helped me expand my heart and connect with a greater part of myself. I met some great people who I continue to run into at health conferences. I spent about a year doing the meditation every day to fully activate the Merkaba field around me.

DNA Healing Workshops

SelaciaDNA Healing helps people change the core beliefs that are the blueprint of reality. I've attended Selacia's workshops where she teaches how we can change the DNA blueprint within us to transform our lives.

DNA healing has helped me unravel core limiting beliefs over the course of a few years to change my life. Selacia is a healer helping people in person and worldwide via phone to accelerate their spiritual enlightenment.

Light Speed Learning

This class teaches people to utilize the full potential of the human mind to read and retain information faster than our school system ever taught! Now anyone can learn to read entire books at remarkable speeds and reawaken their natural photographic memory. Much more than just a speed-reading class, it is a powerful life mastery class.

Light Speed Learning involves relaxing the mind to get it into a meditative state of mind. From this state we can tap into the inherent gift of memory we possessed when we were very young. I've had a few friends who attended the class and have recommend it very highly. I plan to go when I find a good opportunity.

PSA Life Mastery

These spiritual workshops teach us to integrate Reiki with various powerful activations. The spiritual classes are taught in Glastonbury, England. The teachings are for people seeking personal transformation and deep spiritual integration for life mastery.

The advanced Reiki techniques taught during this series of workshops is impressive for someone who appreciates Reiki as a healing art. I can really feel the Reiki energy in a very tangible way in the palms of my hands. Click here to see my own experience with learning Usui Reiki.

Awakening in Paradise Dolphin Swim

Hawaii Waipio ValleyThanks to the Hawaiian retreat called Awakening In Paradise part of your next spiritual workshop could be underwater! These workshops include dolphin swims just off the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

They offer Reiki classes, dolphin swims, and whale watching tours as part of a unique holistic healing experience. Click here to get the details on all the Hawaii dolphin swim retreats.

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