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Divine channeled messages compassionately empowering you to co-create with your own divinity.

TeriMy gift is to allow divine creator to speak through me, greeting you like a long lost friend who tenderly asks, "How are you?" Wherever you are on your spiritual path --even if you feel lost or abandoned-- know that spirit hears your calls. Come feel the divine essence of sheer love and the sweet caring of God.

I share my pioneering approach worldwide via private intuitive readings by phone and live Webcam via free Skype service.

It is time to let go of stress and release worries! Spirit only lovingly wishes to serve you by taking you by the hand like a good friend who accepts you unconditionally.

See things to review before getting a reading to increase your awareness and healing.

I do not tell you what to do. I do provide a space for you to relax into a remembrance of God's great healing love. I do share with you one-on-one to help you see the universal truths that come through during our readings. Allow the safety net of spirit to embrace you with the dear love and support you truly deserve. No situation is too big or small to illuminate with divine love, support, and faith!

- No trouble is too great for God to set you free
- There is nothing you cannot turn around
- There is no wound in soul that cannot be healed and finalized forever

God is so vast and willing. Come and see... Take a chance! We are part of the universe. We know you want to know. We want you to hear. We want you to see us, and to know that God is real. Know that you are divinely empowered. You hold the torch of liberty! When you tangibly experience the friendship of divine company, you step into your truth, feel gratitude pour into your heart, and know REAL FREEDOM!

Peace knows the existence of one to another as unified because we are all God's children. Just as a candle lights a sacred, lovely spot, come have a divine conversation through Theresa. See though the loving eyes of spirit, and you'll know that your life is really worthwhile. You do deserve to tangibly feel how cherished and safe you really are in the arms of the divine creator!

How may I serve you?

In my real, down-home style I allow spirit to empower you with good, action-oriented messages. These profound, divinely-inspired insights help you truly co-create your preferred reality. I serve you by plainly clarifying spirit's messages for your full understanding and integration. I cherish the divine timing of your visit now. And I wholeheartedly look forward to serving you at a reasonable rate wherever you are in the world.

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- Readings are $120 per hour and are 1 hour in length. For faster service, send your payment via PayPal and get your reading today. Or you may use online e-mail banking to have the payment deducted right from your bank account. Just call Theresa for information!

- Enjoy the gift of a free 15 minute reading with Theresa (my regular rate applies thereafter). Simply visit the link below to learn more . . .

See things to review before getting a reading to increase your awareness and healing.


"Following two very difficult years of personal events in my life, I was in a complete state of physical, emotional, spiritual and financial collapse. In a state of hopelessness, I had little interest in surviving or getting on with my life. I couldn't walk without pain, I couldn't get through the day without crying. Daily tasks were almost insurmountable.

It was then I began my work with Teri. It was through her channeling with the Source, or God, or the Creator, or whatever description you might prefer, that I came to a new realization, to what I now believe is the truth. We've been sold a bill of goods about God, that He is punishing and vengeful and to sin is to be damned; in the same breath we were told that God is love.  At best, we've learned ignore God or at worst to fear or bury an anger at Him. This conflict, I believe, for some of us, is buried deep in our unconscious; we interact with the world from that level and it works against us every day in every aspect of our lives.

I have studied many beautiful and inspirational works though the years in a quest for spiritual understanding by authors such as  Elkhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay; the list is endless. It was only through Teri's channeling, by bringing my own unconscious conflict into the light that I was able to connect on a deep and personal level. I began to understand and integrate all the wonderful concepts I had read about. With Teri's help, I came to the realization that I was operating from a very negative core belief system that I was completely unaware of.

When I began my work earnestly with Teri, I experienced many changes in my life on a daily basis. My health has improved dramatically. Hopelessness has been replaced with the knowledge that I have something to offer the world. I was able to deal with debilitating grief. What seemed like an endless run of bad luck has changed to little miracles that seem to occur on a daily basis; each need that arises somehow is looked after and resolved."


"I saw a man who was hurting and in pain come back to himself on the basis of what he had heard. He heard from Teri that an angel named Michael was going to heal his back pain. The next morning he was able to stand and walk freely with minimal pain and since then has not had an issue with his back pain. That person was Derek Thomas, me. The truth of what Teri has been gifted with is the most amazing, joyous, loving gift I have ever had bestowed on me in my entire life. It would be a shame to not bestow the world with this incredible loving unity to all. Teri."

Derek Thomas
Registered Professional Counsellor for
the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
Kelowna, BC

"Teri's talents enable us to center in our own hearts. She shines a light in the dark corners of our psyche allowing the breath of life to enter those long dampened corners of our being. She holds us up to ourselves, for our own inspection, with a hand once delicate, gentle and fiercely confident. Teri brings us to ourselves. Her giftedness and compassion allow for even the deepest healing, the greatest shifts in consciousness, to be done in an atmosphere that is soft, soulful, and resonant with source. Teri herself is the gift of grace."

Addie Strasser
Nelson, BC

"I have received tremendous and valuable insight while working with Teri. Her guidance has always been direct, meaningful, and in-line with my higher purpose. I am amazed at how the messages she receives and shares resonate within my spirit and assist me with the exact healing that needs to take place in that moment. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed during this journey, Teri. Thank You so much!"

D. Deane

Me at home"While you may well know I offer many reviews here, this testimonial is very special. Words just cannot describe the amazing gift that Theresa has. In her readings, Theresa brings through Guides, Christ, Divine Mother, and the Archangelic realm. She brings through spirit with a real, personal style that's so genuine and simple. Yet there is such a sheer, wondrous love that shines through from within me! I'm left in utter amazement.

Theresa brings through the most accurate and gently loving guidance helping me to light up areas within and helping me see for myself with great clarity. It's nothing short of amazing, life-changing work!"

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