by Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, August will be a magnificent month in which the Earth will be flooded with the Golden Flame of Ascended Love. This super radiant Light will be focused by the Solar Eclipse on the 1st and the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, when New Light Codes for Earth's unfolding evolution will be received directly from the Galactic Center.

Beloved Ones, at this time we would speak to you of the unfolding of the "plan" for the New Earth, as you have decided on the level of the Collective Consciousness of Light. In the midst of the apparent chaos we ask you to perceive the Divine Perfection of what is arising on your Earth. It is a Divine Gift of Great Perfection and Beauty, and it is the next step in your evolution as you bring Heaven to Earth.

We will call it the New Structure for Planetary Management or Governance, and it is the form that will emerge in the twenty-first century that will represent Divine Government on Earth. Now, we wish to explain to you that there will be two phases to this "project," and that the First Phase is already in operation. In this First Phase, you are being gradually shifted from a Planet of separate national identities based on a money economy, to a Fifth-dimensional Unified Planet based on an Economy of Love, Co-Operation and Sharing. In the First Phase, you will begin to create networks and structures that will express the Fifth-dimensional energy of Oneness and Unconditional Love. Now, as these networks emerge and strengthen, they will begin to take the interest of those in "governments," and in the Second Phase there will be a merging of the functions of various governments into this Planetary or Global network of Love. Heaven and Earth will merge in a very literal way, and what will emerge at the end of this process will be a Unified Planet under the Stewardship of a Council of Elders who will guide the Earth's development in Co-operation with Spirit.

Beloved Lightworkers, in the Spiritual Realms there is much rejoicing as we unfold to you the next steps that you, as a Collective, have chosen in the conscious evolution of your Earth and her peoples.

Beloved Ones, we hope that you understand now why you are being drawn into Soul Families and Groups, so that you can begin to work together co-operatively, to manifest the next phase of Earth's transformation into the New Earth.

Now, we will say, that the key aspects of all life in the Fifth Dimension are Oneness and Inter-connectedness. You will learn to see yourselves as part of a Planetary Consciousness, and you will work together for the Highest Good. But, in order to do this, you will need to be fully awakened and fully empowered. You must be centered in your Heart, and able to hold the welfare of the Group or the "Highest Good" as your goal in any situation. As an empowered Being, you must be willing to surrender to the Guidance of Spirit as it manifests in your life.

As each of you awakens and allows yourselves to express awakened consciousness, you will be guided by your Higher Self to your perfect role in this emerging structure, as you desire and choose, and according to your abilities and talents. And, as we begin to describe this to you, we wish to emphasize that the different levels we discuss are levels of function and not of status. Those who move to the "higher" levels will be those who have given lifetimes of service, they will be the "Elders" who will be honored as such and for their Light and Love. But, you are all Manifestations of Light, and you are all equal in God's Love, and no matter what role you are called to perform, you are blessed and needed in that role, for Each is a part of the Whole, and Each One is needed to create the Whole. This is the essence of the Consciousness of the One.

In this First Phase, Lightworkers will be drawn into different levels of service. On the first level will be the therapists and healers and teachers, and those who work with individuals in order to awaken and empower and heal. This is the foundation of the Great Awakening on the Planet, and it is an honored role and valuable service for those who are called to serve in this way. Emerging from this group is the next level, those Lightworkers who are drawn to create Groups or to facilitate networks of Groups in their areas. Now, these will not all necessarily be spiritual groups by any means, some may be business related or environmental, or have any level of focus. But, what will be common will be a desire to work from Love, the Heart and with Spirit. At this level, the formation of networks of Conscious and Awakened individuals begins to to take shape.

Emerging out of this group level will be those whose gifts and talents will allow them to become Global or Planetary Networkers and Facilitators. Their work will be to link together Groups of People around the Planet in a Network of Heart-based Light and Love on the Fifth-Dimensional Heart Grid. These will be the Leaders, Teachers and Humanitarians who will strive to promote the Fifth-Dimensional concepts of Peace, Love and Global Co-operation through individual empowerment.

And, as the First Phase moves into the Second Phase, these Planetary networks and groups will begin to join together to create a powerful Planetary network based in the Heart Grid of Inter-connected Love and Compassion. And, because this Light connects from the Heart, it will be immensely powerful and will be seen and preceived by people as they awaken around the Earth. And, as we have said, there will begin a merging of "spiritual" and "political" and "social" forms of being and functions. This will be a challenging task, but those who emerge as Leaders in the next cycle will be supported in their work.

The "senior" level will be created with the emergence of a Planetary Council of Elders, who will be the de facto "managers" or facilitators of the Earth. They will be the Wise Ones, who, after a lifetime of dedicated service, will be selected by Spirit to guide the Planetary Consciousness in its expression of Divine Love and Creativity. This "Council of Elders" is already in formation, and those who are called to this service know who they are and what they need to do at this time.

Beloved Ones, we give you this information to assist you to see how Divine Love is manifesting on Earth according to your Choices. We want you to know that this is what you have chosen in partnership with us. There were many long meetings on the Spirit levels as we worked together to agree to this plan, and so it emerges now as the most Just and Peaceful way to achieve Divine Management of the New Earth for the Highest Good of All. The chaos will gradually seem less threatening as you begin to see the emergence of these new patterns of Divine Grace on your Planet. As the economy of love becomes more apparent, you will begin to feel more supported and more connected.

Beloved Ones, do not be anxious and worry about "where I fit in." Each of you has been part of this planning process, and each of you has a defined role. Many of you have been held back as you develop new skills and talents, or just learn to surrender to the guidance of Spirit by being willing to wait in patience until the next step is revealed to you. Know that when the time is right, you will be led to your perfect place in the emerging structure of Light.

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