Theresa's Archangelic Message: Higher Love

by Theresa Hanchuk

We, your angels are very clear about love. Always remember to put your heart into everything you can!!!! Feelings should be your friends, not your enemies. When source created you, it did not manifest extremes. It simply said, may you all feel.

As part of this healing, we ask that YOU provide one healing request for yourselves. Say out loud or request from within to your favorite spiritual advisor......."What I am requesting this year is to have a ...." Then let your heart take it from there.

You all possess the right qualities. You all have POTENTIAL WITHIN!!!! This is not just humble musings that we your angel healers talk about, just to get you in a place of hope. We ARE VERY SERIOUS!!!!!

Can you take some quiet time and meditate, to let your mind and heart join and heal all doubt you have, for what would you have to lose by trying? Say to yourselves over and over, "My Good Thoughts Are 'the correct thoughts'" I need in order to take care of myself.

No, it's not okay to think only of yourselves. However, in order to serve the HIGHEST POTENTIAL that you ARE, or to create the best you that you can, it only makes sense to see yourself in the best possible light. The higher your aspirations, dreams, and goals the more knowledge and lovelight you can hold within. Take a good look at who writes to you NOW!!! Angels? What in God's great earth gave such momentum to us? YOU!! You are the required puzzle piece we are connecting to in order to help enrich and heal. You are almost ready to take the greatest amount of healing that has ever been presented to DATE.

The earth in all its glory still stands in spite of all the misuse and ego that has manufactured your homes, condos, factories, and buildings. Do you see how much beauty there truly is to see in your world? Do you? We ask you to look for simple answers to all your heartfelt requests of the healing we as your spiritual healers can offer. LOOK WITHIN, and you shall see!!!!

Be LOVE and you shall see LOVE. Open up your minds, hearts, chakras, and your whole energetic beings to receive more spiritual pleasure from your home that is within you. That is where you are always loved, safe, and protected.

Say!! All Healing Angels of My Highest Good.......Perform the miracles you were sent here to do! Do them without fail!! So I shall be witness to all beauty that is mine to hold and behold, and through that love being sent to me, I shall harm not one creature that bears God's holy name.

Now for those of you that are still wondering how so many people hold the image of higher love inside their hearts and yet you still find yourselves wondering and looking or hoping to find a new way, something that captures your heart in a way that you too would feel more connected with higher love. Take a good long look at what you are already saying and doing. Where your interests are...That in and of itself is virtually what higher love has already had in mind for your best interest.....You will find that you have made Great Strides towards being able to improve the love you hold for those of you who are already interacting with and those to whom you are striving to be more at ease with. There are several people that already do know how to treat their fellow brothers and sisters, are you one? Say to yourselves several times a day I AM THE LOVE THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME FREELY AND I SHALL FULFILL MY DESTINY HERE ON THE EARTH AND BEYOND!!!!

Be at peace within and in this holiday season with all your relatives. For if not for these fellow human beings to help you create your path, your destiny, you would never have had any opportunity to invite higher love or cause any healing action to be created in your world today.

Celebrate the higher love that has shaped us all!!!!

PEACE on earth and goodwill towards mankind is all that we your angels and guides have ever wanted for you.

Copyright 2009 by Theresa Hanchuk * All Rights Reserved

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