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These are personal reviews of the most practical wellness tools we enjoy. Why? Well, they help us stay healthy and make us feel great. Share your favorites with us by offering your own great reviews!

Egyptian Healing Rods

Egyptian Healing Rods are an ancient healing tool once used by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Many statues show them holding the rods. The rods are a potent tool to enhance any existing healing practice, and they greatly expand consciousness when held. I've held them at a health expo, and I felt their powerful effects as I shifted in consciousness in just a few minutes. Studies have even indicated that 5 minutes of holding the Rods is similar to 30 minutes of acupuncture.

While they are somewhat expensive I plan to get them soon. Learn more about how you can get Egyptian Healing Rods to bring this powerful ancient healing modality into your daily life.

Earth Grounding Tools

Now you can reconnect with the earth for grounding and to maintain a stable energy field even with a busy modern-day lifestyle. These foot mats, bed pads, and bed sheets ground you to the healing energies of the earth within your home. I have a desk pad under my desk. These are very practical wellness tools I use to stay grounded when working at my computer.


During these times of change on the earth, crystals are valuable energetic tools to anchor positive energy and give more clarity on your higher purpose. Selacia is an accomplished healer and teacher committed to sharing the best tools for wellness. She takes care in selecting all her crystals, which are individually energized by spirit. One of my favorite crystals I have from her is the rose quartz for DNA healing work. I also wear a nuummite, a new crystal for accelerating transformation. Click to visit Selacia's website to select a crystal right for you.

DNA Helix Spiral

The DNA Helix Spiral of 12-energized quartz sphere/prisms is a unique Feng Shui tool. As a reminder of our own DNA, it is made to hang from the ceiling and spin. The multi-colored crystals shower my living space with radiant energy to support energy clearing and healing processes.

When hung in the sunlight such as in a window or outdoors/on a balcony, the crystals sparkle casting a beautiful rainbow of lights. The DNA helix spiral is battery operated; however, if it is placed by an open window or outside in the wind, the helix will move on its own. This holistic tool is available on Selacia's website by clicking DNA Helix Spiral.


Samsung juicers are great for giving our physical bodies the nutritional fuel we need. I have one in my home, and I find they are easy to clean and use. They also come with a great warranty. Recently, I have found that a liquid multivitamin/mineral called VIBE fits better with my budget and need for convenient nutrition.

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