What Can I Do To Avoid and Stop Government Mandated Swine Flu Vaccine - Part V

by Dr. Robert O. Young

A major mechanism, which is the explanation for these life-threatening autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, severe rheumatism, Guillain-Barre, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), other autoimmune diseases, and death, is that all the foreign animal tissues in a vaccine can set off an autoimmune response, which is the cause of all of these "diseases", which attack various organs and tissues according to one's genetic pre-disposition toward a particular inflammatory disease. What that means is these animal tissues are foreign antigens that the body responds to as antigens in an attempt to eliminate the foreign invaders. In essence, the immune system in essence creates an attack against these unhealthy invaders with its own antibodies. However, in the case of an autoimmune response, these foreign tissues create a cross reaction that ends up attacking our own organ tissues, which are similar to the animal tissues that were injected, such as attacking the beta cells of the pancreas, the brain cells, and the myelin sheaths. These two factors combined with the danger of a live virus create a potentially lethal effect.


3. Live viruses have a history of lethal danger, disease, and are contagious. Secondary Spread of live viruses from those vaccinated with a live virus lasting up to three weeks is a well-known fact.

We have to understand that live virus vaccines have a history of danger and disease, especially of the disease that is targeted. For example, the live polio flu vaccine virus that was used from 1979 - 2000 was pulled off the market because the vaccine itself was considered to be the major cause of polio and as such, Dr. Salk, the inventor of the vaccine, admitted this to be the case.

The contagious power of a live virus vaccine is no longer new information. It is scientifically recognized that an attenuated live virus vaccine can be contagious. The scientific term for this is called Secondary Transmission. Translated into common language, it means if all the children are vaccinated with a live virus, the adults who haven't been vaccinated are significantly more likely to pick up the live virus from being in contact with children. The current science has found those who are injected with a live virus vaccine are releasing the live virus from their bodies for up to three weeks, contrary to the inaccurate theory that everyone needs to be vaccinated to stop an epidemic, which is a false and unproven justification. The real danger is the opposite. The live virus vaccinated people can infect everyone else.

There is also significant research to show that in populations that are 95% fully vaccinated, viral infection outbreaks still occur. This is extremely well documented with major communicable diseases such as measles and pertussis. For further information please see:
http://thinktwice.com/7reasons.pdf or http://www.opposingviews.com/questions/should-schools-require-that-children-be-vaccinated.

Another piece of important information regarding the danger of live viruses was an "informal" clinical trial of the avian flu live virus vaccine on about 200 Polish vagrants, which resulted in 11 immediate deaths and 20 subsequent deaths. This amounted to about 15% of the test population that died. The doctors and nurses involved were charged with murder. This happened in 2008. It obviously makes the point that it is not an exaggeration to say that live virus vaccinations may be extremely dangerous and lethal.

We also saw this lethal effect in the 1960s and 1970s when Australian Aborigine infants began to mysteriously die at astonishing rates--1 of every 2 babies after being vaccinated. Archie Kalokerinos, M.D. eventually made the connection when he realized the babies were dying after being vaccinated against pertussis and other diseases. Heath officials had recently initiated a mass vaccination program to "protect" Aboriginie babies; their deaths corresponded with the program. He wrote a book called "Every Other One" documenting this tragic and preventable event in detail.

Although this is not an analysis of vaccinations in general, it obviously leaks over into this discussion. This however, is a specific exploration of the potential dangers verses the minimal health benefits of live virus vaccines.

4. The swine flu appears to have been laboratory generated and designed to have its dangerous effects amplified by the use of all the available swine flu vaccines.

Although there are some valid humanitarian concerns, based on the pattern of the 1918 swine flu in which the flu came lightly in spring/summer and came back heavily in the fall, which may be fueling this push to vaccinate or go to prison consciousness, there are some very incriminating and questionable facts regarding the intentions behind this massive push. For example, Baxter International Incorporated was in the application process for supplying avian flu vaccinations to European countries in the event of an epidemic when they "accidentally" shipped live avian flu vaccines to 18 countries in Europe. A laboratory technician tested the Baxter Seasonal Flu vaccines sent to the Czech Republic and discovered that they were contaminated with a highly pathogenic version of the avian flu, which could have launched a global pandemic. The total amount of the pathogenic avian flu virus sent to these 18 countries was 72 kilograms (over 150 pounds), which is a lot. Because Level 3 precautions were in place, such contamination "could not have happened accidentally" according to experts in the field. In spite of this so-called "accident", Baxter was rewarded with a lead role in developing, producing, and disseminating the swine flu vaccine for the labeled "Level 6 pandemic".

It normally takes a minimum of 12-18 months to create a vaccine after a virus has been identified. How is it that Baxter Laboratories, after receiving the seed culture of the swine flu virus that was provided in May 2009, announced that they would have the vaccine ready by July of 2009. One can't help but question how they were able to do this in 2 months rather than the usual 12-18 months until we understand the reality of the situation. True Ott, PhD, ND points out that the patent for the Swine Flu vaccine on November 4th, 2005 by Novartis International AG was granted on February 19, 2009 before the Swine Flu "pandemic" even began. The US patent office granted US patent number 20090047353A for a "Split Influenza Vaccine with Adjuvants". The so-called "Swine Flu" grabbing headlines today is actually a recombinant, or "splitinfluenza" virus consisting of A-strain Bird-Flu (H5N1), Swine Flu (H1N1) and multiple strains of human flu (H3N2)--the 1918 Killer Flu that killed untold millions of people.

According to True Ott, PhD, N.D., Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger was quite likely the primary author of the Novartis' Nov. 6, 2005 "provisional" patent application. On page 2, paragraph 32 of the patent publication it says, "The influenza virus that the 'invention vaccine' is designed to protect against may be a reassortant strain, and may have been obtained by reverse genetics techniques. Reverse genetics techniques allow influenza viruses with desired genome segments to be prepared in vitro using plasmids." The remnant of the paragraph then goes into very specific detail as to the actual mechanics of how the pandemic virus was actually created by Taubenberger's Ft. Detrick team. At the very least, the author of the patent application had to have studied Taubenberger's various published reports on his work at Detrick, for the wording and science is virtually verbatim. As Dr. True Ott points out, this paragraph is even more incriminating by the words "may have been obtained". Who "obtained" this virus and for what reason was it "obtained"? With this detailed information as it's explained here, it appears that Novartis then sold the vaccine prototype to its subsidiary--Baxter Laboratories--and possibly other vaccine companies so they could have it ready for the fall. Great timing and a great financial move--create a lab-generated virus and have the vaccines ready to go for phase 2 demands for a vaccine. The more serious issue for the health of the public may be, as Dr. Ott's evidence shows (http://www.pandemicfluonline.com/) that the Novartis vaccine material with the live virus and squalene adjuvant is designed to facilitate the further mutation of the pandemic into more lethal waves of increasingly virulent and deadly diseases, rather than curtail and limit the existing outbreak.

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