What Can I Do To Avoid and Stop Government Mandated Swine Flu Vaccine - Part VIII

by Dr. Robert O. Young

It appears as though the will of the US government and the WHO are trying to create a world health government that simply doesn't acknowledge the sovereign rights of an individual over their own body. There was even a clandestine CDC sponsor conference for vaccine company executives that actually taught a "7-step Recipes to Increase Demand for Flu Vaccination", which specifically documents techniques designed to frighten people about influenza and increase vaccination rates. Because this attempt to undermine our consciousness and ability to thoughtfully make healthy sovereignty choices over our body is so blatant, it highlights the contradiction between what they say and what is happening. They are attempting to override our right to individual health by creating a bogus definition of pandemic and therefore using this classification as an international justification to use potentially lethal, untested, uninsurable, ineffective, life-destroying vaccines on the public in what appears to be a highly unethical way. This live virus vaccine may actually be the key to setting off a real pandemic.

We know quite well that by building a healthy immune system using herbs, nano-silver, medicinal immune building mushrooms, eating healthy food, focused prayer, and using aromatherapies (which were the only things successful during the black plague), people will have a much higher chance of surviving. As in all disease exposures, a healthy immune system, a sovereign healthy body, and a happy person are the keys to health and the prevention of disease. As one should be able to see from this whole discussion, the activity of the WHO (World Health Organization) with its Codex plan supported by the highest levels of the US government is for the weakening of our health. Attempts by Codex to outlaw supplements, organic foods, and even organic farming (recent attempts stopped by the public action of American citizens of bills HR475 and S825 and in Canada bill 251), are concerted efforts to undermine our immune systems and the quality of our lives.

10. The best way to be protected from any flu including the H1N1 live virus swine flu is to have a healthy immune system by living a natural, earth connected way of being, which includes: organic, plant-source-only foods, supplements including nano-silver, vitamin C, A, and D, medicinal immune building mushrooms and herbs, and specific aromatherapy oils. Physicians of the State of Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Society have found that usually one to three Vitamin C IV's of 50,000 milligrams will give 100% relief from this or any flu in the instance one actually gets the flu. Other effective treatments include nano-silvers and Oxygen Treatment Therapy (OTT). This is a safe, less expensive, simple, and more effective treatment as compared to Tamiflu (Tamiflu, although supposedly designed for the antiviral effect, is a psychotropic drug that has significant brain and nervous system side effects, which are toxic and debilitating). These healthy approaches have been historically proven to be far more safe and effective than generated vaccines, which have truly never been scientifically proven to be either safe or effective except for building the economic pockets of the vaccine companies. In other words, there are strong international and national vested interests on many levels backing these inadequately tested, dangerous, and ineffective vaccines. These vested interest groups are not exactly concerned about your health.

In short summary, there are two key points: (1) The scientific research shows that the swine flu live virus vaccine is not sufficiently tested, and is uninsurable, unnecessary, unsafe, with a horrendously poor risk/benefit ratio. As a result, its use is unconscionable. (2) Contrary to the belief that everyone needs to be vaccinated to protect everyone else, just the opposite is true. The use of a live virus vaccine is actually more likely to spread the infection and make the situation worse, contrary to the mythical belief that is being used to justify mandatory vaccinations. Based on these two points, the research suggests that we have a high-risk situation with very little benefit. It is our feeling that it is the right of the individual to choose to be vaccinated or not in the absence of any compelling evidence whatsoever that mass vaccinations will make a positive difference; people's right to choose for religious, ethical, medical, or self preservation reasons takes precedence over any state, country, or any supposed world safety issues.

11. We have options and we can create more. It is important that we all take a stand while we are still healthy enough to be standing.

* OPTION 1: We have a powerful approach IF EVERYONE CHOOSES TO STAND UP FOR THEIR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. We are recommending this be the major action people take: Use the template letter included at the end of this document as a helpful format for sending your input to your state and local representatives. Simply personalize and send this template letter to your state governor, state health representatives, state congress people, and your local representatives. Connect with a lawyer and your local county government people, and then your state government people and strongly urge them to commit to definitively support our right to religious, philosophical, and medical exemption to the vaccination program as well as the right to self-quarantine at a location of their own choice.

* The more people who take this action, the more they may be willing at the local and state level and eventually the federal government level to take actions to realize vaccinations are neither safe or effective, and there is no evidence to support herd vaccinations, therefore there is no evidence to support mandatory vaccinations. In this context we are talking about the right of the public citizens to have choice of whether to vaccinate or not, as it is in many other countries. The County of Hawaii Council is an example of such an action. We are advising all peoples, counties, and townships to make such a resolution and then take it to the state level as a major strategy to make this happen. So we are asking you to advance this resolution and educate your community as to why this resolution is urgent and compelling. This is a novel and compelling legal argument that has never been done before. The County of Hawaii Council is also in the process of advancing a county resolution to sustain the right to exercise religious freedom to exempt religious families by their choice and declaration of religious conviction from the 2009 flu vaccination program, as per the Hawaii Revised Statutes, Title 19, Department of Health, Chapter 321, Section 11 health rules, this is to apply to anyone in the county, and to positively demand the state be in compliance with this county resolution. This tactic can be actively applied to every county and township in the United States. What this practically means is that according to the Fifth Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution, "No person shall be...deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." Our bodies and our immune systems are our sovereign property according to the law of the US Constitution and international law. Presently there is no form of compensation for the property and injury that may result from this live virus swine flu vaccination.

* Further support of a state-focused campaign comes from Attorney Alan Philips in Chapel Hill, N.C. at vaccinerights.com and pandemicfluonline.com. and also veteran US Constitutional attorney Larry Becraft. Alan has raised a tremendously important point, which is that WHO does not have jurisdiction over the internal affairs of individual member nation states--its jurisdiction concerns the international spread of infectious risk or disease only. That is, the WHO cannot legally mandate vaccines for small town America at the state level. The WHO may exercise strong influence with its recommendations, but ultimately, the final decision for each country lies with the individual country. Similarly, the U.S. federal government lacks authority under the U.S. Constitution to require vaccines of state residents, which is why all vaccine requirements and exemptions for state residents are enacted at the state law level. So, the primary (if not sole) focus for an organized response to the threat of mandatory pandemic flu vaccines should be authorities at the state level.

* It is important to note that non-medical vaccine exemptions available for routine immunizations in most states (i.e., philosophical and/or religious) may not be available if vaccines are mandated in the context of a declared emergency. So it is important to take action now to avoid being forced to choose between an immunization and quarantine, especially since that quarantine could be in a government facility. State laws vary, so be sure to review your state's emergency laws. It is suggested that if your state laws don't include a religious or philosophical exemption in an emergency, and also the right to self quarantine at a place of your own choosing, then that is also something we strongly suggest you communicate to your state legislators that they implement such changes in the emergency procedures.

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