What Can I Do To Avoid and Stop Government Mandated Swine Flu Vaccine

by Dr. Robert O. Young

This letter delivers urgent notice that dozens of health experts, religious leaders, and world leading scientists are condemning governments worldwide for going along with pharmaceutical industry-influenced plans to inject people with poorly-tested toxic vaccines this flu season based on fears of pandemic swine flu.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Vaccine Action: Cover Letter

This letter delivers urgent notice that dozens of health experts, religious leaders, and world leading scientists are condemning governments worldwide for going along with pharmaceutical industry-influenced plans to inject people with poorly-tested toxic vaccines this flu season based on fears of pandemic swine flu.

1. The flu vaccines are questionably effective, dangerous, insufficiently tested, and potentially lethal.

* Substantive research shows all flu vaccinations have little to no effect on preventing or minimizing the flu.
* Side effects from vaccine fillers and adjuvants--especially squalene-- include a variety of debilitating auto-immune diseases and a significant percentage of deaths. Squalene, condemned congressional investigators in 2004, is indicated as the primary cause of tens of thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands of chronic cases of Gulf War-related illnesses.
* Besides squalene, other vaccine ingredients include: animal tissues, viral proteins, foreign DNA and RNA, formaldehyde, live genetically-engineered viruses, and mercury that has been scientifically linked to skyrocketing rates of autism in children.
* Significant evidence, including genetic sequencing analysis, proves the circulating "swine flu" sourced from man-made outbreaks, is from collaborating government and vaccine-industry laboratories.

2. Mandatory vaccinations and quarantines violate human rights and US Constitutional mandates including religious freedoms and compensation required when anyone's property, including natural body immunity, is taken.

* Those who refuse the live virus swine flu vaccination may be jailed or held indefinitely in private-industry administered internment camps directed by FEMA.
* Government officials have increased demand for flu vaccines, and public compliance with vaccination policies using fear and propaganda consistent with military psychological operations.
* The U.S. Government classifies the avian flu as a biological weapon, and administers "biodefense" as a "national security" operation.

3. Alternative and complementary individual care options, including proven disease prevention strategies, are being grossly neglected by government health officials.

* Through building a healthy immune system using vitamin supplements, herbs, immune-building medicinal mushrooms, nano-silvers, oxygenation therapies, a healthy diet, proper hydration, and adequate rest, people do not result to toxic vaccinations for any type of flu prevention.
* Scientific evidence has shown one to three Vitamin C IV's of 50,000 gm gives 100% relief from this or any flu.

GOOD NEWS: According to several constitutional legal authorities, the Federal Government and WHO cannot legally mandate vaccines for small town America at the state level, they can only recommend it. The US Constitution provides for each state to decide whether or not to allow religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions, or to allow self-quarantine at a location of personal choice. It is your responsibility to tell local county, township, and state officials what you choose.

ACT NOW: Use a template letter to write your local and state representatives, urging them to support your right to religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions as well as your right to self-quarantine in a location of your choice.

READ MORE: The following letter is a full scientifically documented article, which explains all of these points in detail and is available for you to share through the links below. This letter will empower you to speak at town meetings, county councils, and to local state representatives to protect your rights, your children, and your grandchildren by creating laws that will protect against what some people feel is genocidal abuse by agencies whom some believe are aligned with the attempt to create a One World Government, such as WHO, U.N., and the Federal Governors who are overstepping their powers.

Particular sections in the following letter we recommend reading are: the Eleven Point Summary, Brief Summary, One Sentence Summary, and all of Point Eleven (which outlines the next steps to take, as this is an action letter that requests your thoughtful participation).

SHARE THIS INFORMATION: Please share this information with everyone you know, as we have the power to win this battle.




1. The proposed swine flu squalene adjuvant live virus vaccination is neither adequately or sufficiently tested, nor proven effective or safe; it is uninsurable, can stimulate the onset of a variety of debilitating auto-immune diseases, and is a serious assault on the immune system.

2. The swine flu vaccine contains dangerous & life-threatening fillers, including adjuvants such as squalene, animal tissues, which may include pig tissue, viral and bacterial proteins, and live viruses--all of which contain pig DNA.

3. Live viruses have a history of lethal danger, disease, and are contagious. Secondary Spread of live viruses from those vaccinated with a live virus lasting up to three weeks is a well-known fact.

4. The swine flu appears to have been laboratory generated and designed to have its dangerous effects amplified by the use of all the available swine flu vaccines.

5. The United States government classifies the bird flu virus as a biological weapon.

6. If the government intent is to make the live virus squalene adjuvant swine flu vaccination mandatory for all Americans, it is a violation of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States.

7. Analysis from the British Medical Journal article titled, Influenza Vaccination: Policy Versus Evidence, presents evidence from a systematic review based on a meta-analysis of all the research that shows inactivated vaccines have little or no effect on preventing or minimizing the flu.

8. Those who refuse the live virus squalene adjuvant swine flu and regular flu vaccinations may be jailed or held indefinitely in internment camps established by states or FEMA because the so called swine flu pandemic has been, as far as we are concerned, unnecessarily classified as a Level 6 Pandemic, potentially allowing international law to override the United States Constitution to justify American martial law and detention for vaccine refusers.

9. Attempts by the United States government to increase the demand for flu vaccinations through fear are explicitly revealed in a classified, private CDC (Center for Disease Control) sponsor conference for vaccine manufacturer executives entitled "7-step Recipes to Increase Demand for Flu Vaccination".

10. The best way to be protected from any flu including the H1N1 live virus swine flu is to have a healthy immune system by living a natural, earth-connected way of being, which includes: organic, plant-source-only foods, supplements including nano-silver, vitamin C, A, and D, medicinal immune-building mushrooms and herbs, and specific aromatherapy oils. Physicians of the State of Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Society have found that usually one to three Vitamin C IV's of 50,000 milligrams will give 100% relief from this or any flu in the instance one actually gets the flu. Other effective treatments include nano-silvers and Oxygen Treatment Therapy (OTT). This is a safe, less expensive, simple, and more effective treatment as compared to Tamiflu (Tamiflu, although supposedly designed for the antiviral effect, is a psychotropic drug that has significant brain and nervous system side effects, which are toxic and debilitating). These healthy approaches have been historically proven to be far more safe and effective than generated vaccines, which have truly never been scientifically proven to be either safe or effective except for building the economic pockets of the vaccine companies. In other words, there are strong international and national vested interests on many levels backing these inadequately tested, dangerous, and ineffective vaccines. These vested interest groups are not exactly concerned about your health.

11. We have options and we can create more. It is important that we all take a stand while we are still healthy enough to be standing.


There are two reasonable questions that must be asked: (1) Is the swine flu live virus squalene adjuvant vaccine safe and effective, and if so, (2) will vaccinating 95% or more of the general population provide any more protection for the whole population? If both of these questions were answered in the affirmative, then we would have a reasonable justification for mandatory vaccinations. However, the overwhelming scientific data suggests just the opposite. The live virus swine flu has not been adequately tested, proven safe or effective, is non-insurable, and because of the well-known phenomena of Secondary Transmission of live virus vaccines (meaning it can be contagious), it may actually increase the transmission of the virus.

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