What is An Activation of DNA

by Selacia

It is believed that the true nature of our DNA is multi-stranded, not 2-stranded. Each of us has a 2-stranded double helix. Not as obvious is that we also have, in virtual form, numerous additional helices awaiting to unfold, thus yielding a number of additional double helices of multi-stranded DNA. The DNA activation process involves an activation of all the remaining strands of DNA so that all strands are fully functioning.

Many believe that humans at one time were operating on many more strands of DNA than at present, and that it was a misuse of power that caused the current level of functioning. It is also widely believed that as part of our current ascension process, the activation will naturally occur in the human body within 10 or 20 years from now.

Many dedicated luminaries are guided to accelerate their process now.

In an activation of the DNA, all of your DNA is activated. This activation is typically the initial session in the DNA intuitive healing work.

In this session, as with all of Selacia's private healing sessions, The Council of 12 actively participates.

When you have your activation, you will receive feedback from Selacia regarding the process. You will also receive information from spirit that relates to your personal path. This input will be different for each person. In each case, the person will receive the information that will be the perfect catalyst for their next steps of growth. People oftentimes report that this first session opens up a memory within them of their Divine heritage, helping them to remember more of their purpose for being on Earth at this pivotal time. Some of this remembrance happens in response to words that are communicated during the activation session, and other recollections are stimulated by the telepathic energetic healing that takes place in the session. The activation, even though occurring at once in one session, is a process of unfolding over a period of time. The length of time will vary from person to person.

Other subsequent DNA intuitive healing sessions are designed to continue the person's healing and personal advancement process. Having the activation first tends to accelerate subsequent DNA healings. The activation also tends to quicken a person's personal growth occurring through other means—whether meditation, body work, or other forms of energy healing.

At the end of your session, you may want to remain in a quiet state for a few minutes. It is also recommended that you drink lots of water. You may want to record your experiences of the activation, beginning a journal that day and adding to it in the subsequent months. Consider a grounding exercise before you shift your focus to other things.

How DNA Activation & DNA Intuitive Healing Can Quicken Evolutionary Progress & Change Your Life

An activation of your DNA and subsequent DNA intuitive healing sessions can quicken your evolutionary progress. The impact of the activation is typically felt over an extended period, although some people begin to feel its effects almost immediately. The following are among the benefits having been reported by recipients of the DNA intuitive healing work:

* Activation quickens subsequent DNA intuitive healings
* Increased ability to access sacred knowledge and open to inner gifts of knowing, seeing and hearing
* More awareness and expanded consciousness
* Expanded ability to move into unconditional love
* Body that feels and looks younger
* More desire to ingest healthy foods and a focus of keeping the body a sacred vehicle
* Increased self trust
* Improved eyesight
* Detoxification at physical and emotional levels
* Increased energy level
* Improved memory
* Increased sense of vitality and zest for life
* Sharpened intuition
* Increased hair growth
* A slight cleansing (tiredness, headache, colds, emotional releasing) as long-buried issues rise to the surface for release
* More ability to understand one's obstacles to living a fulfilling life
* Healing of dysfunctional patterns that have been the source of great unhappiness
* Resolution of issues that have been handed down generation after generation, allowing a person to help heal their lineage while healing the self
* Increased inner peace and calmness
* More connection to spirit and the spirit realms
* Better understanding of one's path in life
* Clearing of limiting beliefs and patterns recorded at the DNA cellular level
* Shifting out of fear and doubt
* Deep emotional releases and clearer insights about people and situations
* Resolution of relationship difficulties
* Healing of underlying causes of physical disease
* Increased ability to come from the heart, to love self and others
* Detoxification at physical and emotional levels
* More sense of control of one's own healing process by taking an active part in the DNA intuitive healing work
* Increased understanding of one's history/past lives and the impact of this past history on the present
* Ability to more easily let go of painful patterns

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