What It Means to be a Spiritual Warrior

by Ronda LaRue

So what is the spiritual seeker and what is the spiritual path? In my life work the spiritual seeker is one who is dedicated to both "FINDING" and then "FOLLOWING" his or her own inner wisdom and spiritual path. What is the spiritual path? To me it is learning what I call in my second book: "The Art of Living Your Destiny".

To find and to follow one's spiritual path means to take up one's life (all of it : "the good, the bad and the ugly") and to learn how to use everything in that unique life in a way that becomes the alchemy of transformation into expressing your very unique genius and purpose along "the path unwinding". So every day life becomes "your teacher" when you learn how to listen and use everything in your life to come into greater wholeness (integrity), wisdom, and conscious awareness.

Yes, could call that "becoming a spiritual warrior"! In fact I often do. The reason I might call the SoulArts of self-healing, wisdom, and inner peace "the sacred path of the spiritual warrior" is because it requires everything required of the "samurai warrior": Courage, Commitment, Character, Heart, Releasing, Gentleness, Action, Presence, Grace, Stillness, Fierce Determination, Open-Hearted Watchfulness, Appropriate Response, Love of Self and Other.

To be on the spiritual path and to be a seeker of inner grace requires all these qualities and the wisdom to know how and when to use them! The spiritual path requires far more than just love, peace, and Omming in a circle with friends. The spiritual path inevitably requires every thing you have in you. It asks you to keep growing in all the qualities I mentioned above (and more!) during every single real-life struggle or situation...

The spiritual warrior, in my way of is one working with this energetic understanding, is one dedicated to the interplay of INSIGHT within ACTION. This requires all the qualities of a Warrior or any other great Mastery of the human/spirit combined in action and grace. It is life itself.

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