Why We Care About DNA

by Selacia

Until 2000, human genetic scientists labeled most of our DNA as "junk," for they did not understand its function. With the announcement in June 2000 of the Human Genome Project, the scientists have decoded our human blueprint. However, it will be quite some time before this decoding means that we see a measurable impact in our quality of life.

Many conditions–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual–are so deeply rooted within us that other methods simply chip away at them. The DNA intuitive healing process has the potential to go beyond the frontiers of other modern day techniques. Transforming the DNA back into its Divine blueprint can impact our physical health and longevity. It is believed, for example, that long ago we had a chemical (Chondriana) in our bodies that allowed us to have a higher resistance to sickness.

According to recent university studies, one of which was outlined in Drunvalo Melchizedek's The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, doctors have discovered that some children born with AIDS have a different kind of DNA than the rest of us. They found, for example, that these children had become immune to the AIDS virus and had no signs of it within their bodies.

How can this be? The reason university doctors offered: most humans have 64 codons* in their DNA, but typically only 20 of these are "turned on." The rest of them are inert or not working, except for 3, which are the start and stop programs. The young children studied had 24 codons turned on, meaning that they had a way to mutate which made them immune to AIDS. According to Melchizedek, UCLA now believes that 1% of the world has made the change of having the additional codons functioning.

*Codons are a sequence of DNA activated for expression. The codons give instruction to the cell chemistry (memory). They also manufacture proteins.

In summary, we care about DNA because it represents a roadmap of where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. How we experience human life is intrinsically tied to what is encoded in our DNA. This relates to everything from our physical body, our personality, our emotions, our belief systems, and our genetic traits that can determine health and longevity. The key here is that we can energetically change limitations in our DNA when we know they exist. We can shift our lives to a whole new level of being, allowing for accelerated evolution and mastery of this physical plane.

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